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DKSH Opens its Second Scientific Demonstration Laboratory in Vietnam

DKSH Opens its Second Scientific Demonstration Laboratory in Vietnam

Following the success of its scientific demonstration lab located in the Ho Chi Minh City University, DKSH Business Unit Technology has opened its second advanced laboratory center in Hanoi, Vietnam. Based at Phenikaa University, this state-of-art facility will be serving the rapidly growing scientific instrument market in Vietnam. 

Ha Noi, June 9, 2022 - DKSH Business Unit Technology has inaugurated the scientific instrumentation laboratory at Phenikaa University, Hanoi, Vietnam. The laboratory aims to foster the collaboration between DKSH, academia, and the industries to ultimately increase the output of research and innovation.

This investment is aligned with DKSH’s strategy to offer the customers in Northern Vietnam a broad range of specialized services, such as instrument demonstration, application engineering, sample testing, R&D support, and technical trainings. The laboratory center is fully equipped with high-end instruments from the world's leading brands that can be applied in various industries, including Malvern Panalytical, Agilent, Leica Microsystem, Merck, Binder, and Biomerieux.

This state-of-art facility provides accessibility to cutting-edge technology to many local manufacturers and businesses and supports them in their innovations, research, and development.  It is also part of the collaboration with Phenikaa university to cultivate numerous educational opportunities and foster future generation’s passion for science and technology.

Robert Puschmann, Managing Director, Business Unit Technology, DKSH Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, shared: "This modern scientific laboratory in Hanoi demonstrates our commitment to empower the next generation of scientists and STEM-students in Vietnam and to serve the demand for premium research solutions. We are excited to provide advanced technology to enable endless innovation as well as greater development of the society and are humbled to work with such a forward-looking institution like Phenikaa University.”