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  • HP 3D printing solutions - Find the right solution for you from prototyping to production

  • Bigrep 3D printing solutions - Reliable printing in large format for engineering-grade materials

  • Formlabs 3D printing solutions - Scale prototyping and production with affordable, industrial-quality 3D printer

  • Ultimaker 3D printing solutions - Easy-to-used, reliable 3D printer on your desk

Additive manufacturing solutions

By partnering with the top industry leaders, DKSH is bringing the latest technologies and integrated solutions in additive manufacturing to Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Our team provides you tailored 3D printing solution to solve your current production problems and at the same time anticipate for future enhancement. 

We welcome you to visit our additive manufacturing showroom for a live demonstration on how 3D printing technology can turn design into sample parts.

Featured products

  • Ultimaker 3 Extended

    3D print complex parts with ease

    The Ultimaker 3 extended is the latest version of the popular multi-functional 3D printer. It comes equipped with a heated build platform, dual extrusion and can print at a resolution of up to 20 microns. Also new in the Ultimaker 3 is auto bed levelling and wifi connectivity as well as an on board camera that allows users to watch their print live.

  • Formlabs Form 2 Affordable Desktop SLA 3D Printer

    The Form 2 delivers high-resolution parts at a fraction of the cost and footprint of industrial 3D printers. Scale your prototyping and production in-house with desktop stereolithography.

  • bigrep studio 2

    BigRep STUDIO G2

    Create durable large-format parts efficiently and affordably

    Explore new frontiers of large-format industrial printing with the new and improved BigRep STUDIO. Introducing the STUDIO G2, made for abrasive and engineering-grade materials. With a fast-heating print bed and temperature-controlled filament chamber this high-resolution large-print workhorse produces incredible results with high-quality materials.

  • HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 Printing Solution

    HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology has the unique ability to produce parts with controllable physical and functional properties at each point in a part. Offering speed, quality, strength, and novel functionalities, HP Multi Jet Fusion will accelerate the adoption of 3D manufacturing across a wide range of industries and applications.