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From prototypes to finished parts, get your 3D printed part ready in less than a week. This is our on-demand 3D printing service, guaranteed by DKSH’s additive manufacturing team. We offer a various selection of materials, colors and layer resolutions for your tailored 3D printing part. 

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DKSH ships your customized 3D printed part to your location around the world from our 3D printing hubs in Thailand and Singapore

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Our engineer will get back to you with a quotation Within the next business days

Benefit from our manufacturing facility that can be opened 24 hours based on your demand

Our printing solutions are from world-leading brands including HP, BigRep, Ultimaker, formlabs and more

Our dedicated team ensures your printed parts meet your quality expectations. We offer phone and email support for any concerns or questions you may have


Available 3D printing materials

  • PA12

    • Color: Grey
    • Technology: MJF

    PA12 Color

    • Color: White, Full color
    • Technology: MJF


    • Color: Clear, Grey, White, Black
    • Technology: SLA

    Castable Wax

    • Color: Purple
    • Technology: SLA

  • Normal PLA

    • Color: Red, Green, White, Gray, Clear, Black
    • Technology: FDM


    • Color: Clear
    • Technology: FDM

    TPU 95A

    • Color: Black
    • Technology: FDM


    • Color: Black, Clear
    • Technology: FDM

  • Normal ABS


    • Color: Blue, Red, White, Gray, Black
    • Technology: FDM
    • Color: Orange, Black, Blue, Gray, White, Purple, Yellow
    • Technology: FDM

    PRO HT

    PVA Supports

    • Color: Black, Natural, Silver, White
    • Technology: FDM
    • Color: Natural
    • Technology: FDM

3D printing processes for different parts

Our equipments

Bigrep one


  • Layer resolution: 200-600 microns
  • Technology: FDM


  • Layer resolution: 200-100 microns
  • Technology: SLA


  • Layer resolution: 80 microns
  • Technology: MJF


  • Layer resolution: 60-600 microns
  • Technology: FDM