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Luxury & Lifestyle is a Business Segment of DKSH’s Business Unit Consumer Goods, and is one of the key pillars of DKSH’s activities in Australia. The Luxury & Lifestyle segment provides sales, distribution, and marketing services covering 40 brands in both domestic and commercial kitchen and houseware products. Categories include cookware, bakeware, storage, beverage, knives, electrical products, tools and gadgets.

The Business Segment Luxury & Lifestyle operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, with 40 years of experience in the total sales and distribution process with specialised sales and service facilities, along with warehousing and logistics.

Our product categories

Our services at a glance

  • Market Research: We can conduct market research for our clients, for example analyze the current market situation and trends, competitors, market share, etc.
  • Product development: We provide valuable input and professional recommendations in terms of product development.
  • Sales and Marketing: We cover all critical elements of a successful sales and marketing mix. We also offer Finance and Adminstration as well as IT support.
  • Market Feedback: We take market feedback and provide our clients complete transparency regarding their segments and their products.
  • Customer Service
  • Importation and Customs Clearance: We handle all the importation, exportation, customs clearance, forwarding, freight coordination, bonded goods, cross-border distribution.
  • Warehousing: We have our own warehouses and provide third party logistics services.
  • Distribution: We open and operate single-brand and or multi-brand retail outlets which require a lot of expertise and resources to initialize. We also handle retailing customers who carry our brands.
  • Logistics: We have the capacities and the expertise to transport, store and distribute your products efficiently and professionally, and offer many integrated supply-chain related services.
  • Invoicing and cash collection
  • After-sales services, quality assurance and control: We possess a complete after sales service and quality assurance system to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Fairs/Exhibitions/Seminars: We represent our principals at fairs, exhibitions and seminars for their brands.
  • Training: We are constantly upgrading and training our staff to equip them with the relevant skills and knowledge to support the clients better.

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