• Servicing innovative manufacturers of high-end analytical and life science equipment


With 1,600 specialists, including more than 650 service engineers, DKSH Technology serves a customer base of over 25,000 companies. It operates in 18 markets from 85 business locations and is supported by more than 43 showrooms and demo labs.

Sales and service are our core competencies. We accompany our clients from developing a business strategy to translating it into an Asian reality. Using a state-of-the-art customer relationship management platform, we combine extensive industry and product knowledge with a structured and systematic sales approach to outperform the market and increase our clients’ market share.

As a total solution provider and system integrator, we serve our customers as a one-stop-shop and provide customized technology solutions. We not only provide professional after-sales services but also cover the entire product life cycle including installation and commissioning, final acceptance testing, production start-up support, training, maintenance, repair, spare parts and consumables supply as well as refurbishments and trade-ins. We operate as a trusted link between suppliers from Asia, Europe and America and customers in Asia, enabling suppliers to expand their markets and provide customers with access to products from around the world.

We help companies to grow in the world’s most promising region, Asia. We can support you to boost sales while reducing costs and complexity in these challenging times based on our 150-year history in Asia and our expertise as a trusted link between manufacturers and Asian customers.

We provide you with tailor-made solutions for your company:
• Market intelligence and market entry strategy
• Marketing and sales
• Customer seminars and trainings
• Application engineering
• After-sales services
• State-of-the-art cloud-based CRM and transparent reporting system
When you work with us, you benefit from an efficient and structured go-to market approach to grow yourbusiness, offer your customers excellent services and innovative solutions thanks to our technical expertise,and know that your brand is in the safe hands of a reliable, compliant and strategic partner.Let us help you to grow your business in the exciting and promising Asia region.

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