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DKSH is a leading importer of frozen seafood products from Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam. Our office in Vietnam exists for over than 100 years and the first seafood imports from Vietnam date back 45 years.

Our Seafood customers in Germany, Switzerland and many other European countries are served by our sales team in Hamburg. Together with our team of seafood experts in Vietnam and China we aim to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Our Hamburg office is IFS Broker Higher Level certified. All lots are inspected by our own well trained quality staff and accredited laboratories before shipment. As of today, about 70% of our assortment already comes from sustainably certified raw materials. We are happy to advise and support you in your procurement of frozen seafood products from the Far East.


DKSH has always supported local suppliers to run their business sustainably, as this has proven to be the only right choice through its 150 years history. 

We offer the following products:

Frozen crustaceans and mollusks

The portfolio of our frozen crustaceans and mollusks includes::

  • Scallops (Placopecten Magellanicus)

  • Black tiger shrimps (Penaeus Monodon)

  • Vannamei shrimps (Litopenaeus Vannamei)

  • Crayfish (Procambarus Clarkii)

  • Slipper lobster (Thenus Orientalis)

  • Argentinian red shrimps (Pleoticus Muelleri)

  • Coldwater prawns (Pandalus Borealis)

  • White shrimps (Penaeus Ensis)

Frozen fish fillets

Our portfolio of frozen fish fillets includes:

  • Pangasius (Pangasius Hypophthalmus)

  • Barramundi (Lates Calcarifer)

  • Tilapia (Oreochromis spp.)

  • Yellow fin tuna (Thunnus Albacares)

  • Saithe (Pollachius spp.)

  • Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena Hippurus)

Frozen value-added product

The portfolio of our frozen processed products includes:

  • Kabayaki

  • Maguro red tuna Saku blocks and loins

  • Sushi Ebi

  • Marinated/breaded shrimps and pangasius filets 

  • Dim Sum

  • Shrimp ring and skewers

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As a leading Market Expansion Services provider, distribution and logistics are the essence of our business. We also provide financing, sales and marketing to complete our core service offering. You additionally benefit from a range of tailored value-added services to support your growing needs including:

Innovation & Formulation

Innovation & Formulation

Innovation & Formulation

We develop cutting-edge products and formulations from our network of 18 state-of-the-art food and beverage innovation centers. We generate ideas, ensure compliance and provide technical training to increase market coverage for our clients. Our business partners benefit from a range of tailor-made solutions that reduce time to market and increase competitive advantage.

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We provide instant access to markets around the world, including the major chemical producing countries. Our comprehensive network of over 60 sourcing specialists procures hard-to-find ingredients and chemicals and identifies reliable alternative sources for specific quality, price, quantity and delivery needs. We also act as an early trend scout to share knowledge of latest developments and technologies, ensuring our business partners remain one step ahead.

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The regulatory landscape around the world is far from homogeneous. It is becoming increasingly complex as many countries introduce new systems and certification schemes to safeguard their economies. Keeping abreast of these changes can become very time-consuming for companies looking to expand in different markets. Our network of on-the-ground regulatory specialists have a deep understanding of regulatory environments and provide a range of support services to ensure our business partners are compliant.

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Our Digital team supports you to drive business growth through digital transformation.

Through an integrated network of digital systems, DKSH embraces operational agility and applies advanced analytics to better understand industry trends and the needs of its customers.

DKSH supports its business partners to market and sell their products through an omni-channel approach involving digital marketing automation, industry-specialized marketplaces and DKSH Discover, a portal for specialty chemicals and ingredients.

All of these services combined enable DKSH’s business partners to stay ahead and remain competitive.

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