Our people’s career journeys Grow and contribute at DKSH

  • Neeranuch Techasoontorn

    Neeranuch Techasoontorn
    Graphic Designer, DKSH eCommerce

    I’ve worked for many years in the industry, but what strikes me as unique at DKSH is the diversity of the team here. We have team members from different cultures and backgrounds – all working towards one common goal.

  • Aye Aye Khaing

    Aye Aye Khaing
    Senior Manager, Sales Force Effectiveness & Customer Care, DKSH Myanmar

    Transparency and ability to contribute different ideas are the key reasons for me why I enjoy working with DKSH. From the day I joined back in 2002 until today, DKSH has grown so much, with so many stakeholders depending on us. I have learnt that effective and constant communication are the main ingredients to keep people and business going. By principle, honesty and hard work will make things happen.

  • Toh Nyunt Hlaing

    Toh Nyunt Hlaing
    Assistant General Manager, Trade Sales, DKSH Myanmar

    I stayed hungry since the first day I joined DKSH. I am lucky and happy that DKSH has provided me with a platform to leverage my strengths and allowed me to do what I’m most passionate about, which is sales. Throughout my 18 years journey with DKSH, I have a proven track record which has been valued by DKSH continuously. I enjoy working with this organization because it is very systematic and has structured processes, making me a more disciplined person not only in terms of work but in my daily life as well.