Sales & Marketing Excellence

Nuestro equipo digital le ayuda a impulsar el crecimiento empresarial mediante la transformación digital.

A través de una red integrada de sistemas digitales, DKSH aprovecha la agilidad operativa y aplica análisis avanzados para comprender mejor las tendencias del sector y las necesidades de sus clientes.

DKSH apoya a sus socios comerciales para comercializar y vender sus productos a través de un enfoque omnicanal que implica la automatización del marketing digital, ‘marketplaces’ de la industria especializada y DKSH Discover, un portal para especialidades químicas e ingredientes.

La combinación de todos estos servicios permite a los socios comerciales de DKSH mantenerse a la vanguardia y seguir siendo competitivos.

Core competences

Core competences

We provide you with: 

  1. Market intelligence
  2. Trend analysis
  3. Digital support to sales force
  4. Best-in-class client reporting
Information, trend analysis and marketing

Information, trend analysis and marketing

Our specialist teams in markets around the world are connected through our fully integrated information management system. Leveraging the latest state-of-the-art digital tools, we connect our specialists to provide real-time interaction and information transfer. 

We partner with market intelligence experts to provide crucial trend analysis data to our business development teams. We source local market insights to support a global perspective and ensure you remain ahead of the competition.

You receive fully integrated GDPR-compliant digital marketing content to provide access to the most innovative products from our extensive portfolios. 

Best-in-class reporting

Best-in-class reporting

Our state-of-the-art digital CRM tools allow us to provide you with customized best-in-class reporting. Our systems provide reports that are customized to specific needs, consolidating data on activities and progress into overviews and deep multi-layered analysis.

By providing you with transparency in a way that works for you, we add tangible value to our long-standing relationships. We have even won awards for our reporting capabilities.

Additionally, to streamline business and information exchange, we also help to create custom integration with the systems of our business partners. 

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¿Por qué asociarte con nosotros? Nueve razones para asociarte con nosotros

  • Local

    We act as a local company, speaking the local language and adapting to local needs.

  • Entrepreneurial

    Within the Group, we operate like small and medium-sized enterprises with entrepreneurial spirit and fast decision-making.

  • Expertise

    Our managers, from sales positions and with backgrounds in chemistry, food technology, personal care and pharmaceuticals truly understand your business.

  • Innovation

    We go beyond selling, we create solutions and innovations to improve formulations and provide cost advantages.

  • People are our key asset: we respect and care about them. We grow together!

  • Excellence

    We are never satisfied with where we are; we always strive for excellence.

  • Relationships

    We know your needs. We are close to our clients and customers at all levels of their organization.

  • Values

    We partner with companies that share the same approach and values.

  • Transparency

    We are transparent with our partners.