El panorama normativo en todo el mundo dista mucho de ser homogéneo. Se está volviendo cada vez más complejo a medida que muchos países introducen nuevos sistemas y programas de certificación para salvaguardar sus economías. Mantenerse al día de estos cambios puede significar mucho tiempo a las empresas que desean expandirse en distintos mercados. Nuestra red de especialistas en normativas reglamentarias dispone de un profundo conocimiento de los entornos normativos y ofrece una serie de servicios de apoyo para garantizar que nuestros socios comerciales cumplen con las regulaciones.

Core competences

Core competences

We provide you with:

  • Supply chain compliance
  • Product registrations
  • Supplier qualification
  • Regulatory consultancy


At DKSH, non-compliance is not an option. We provide:

  • Safety audits/inspections
  • Adherence to classifications, labelling and packaging systems
  • GHS (Global Harmonized System) support
  • Maintenance of critical safety data sheets
  • Anticipation of regulatory changes
  • Implementation or efficient processes and control tools
  • Participation in industry associations
Service offerings

Service offerings

For our customers, we provide quality services including:

  • Supplier pre-audits and full audits
  • Supplier qualification and certifications
  • Change controls
  • Claims management

For our clients, we provide registration services including:

  • Product registrations (including REACH)
  • Registration strategies
  • Registration management

Descubre más sobre los servicios de valor agregado para estas industrias:

Conoce nuestro centro europeo de normativas reglamentarias

Regulations governing the import, export and manufacture of specialty chemicals and ingredients change frequently depending on the market. No two markets are the same and what is applicable in one market may not be in another. It is therefore very important to be aware of any changes in regulations in order to stay ahead and avoid inevitable disruption to the supply chain. Learn how our European Regulatory Affairs hub handles the many day-to-day challenges of the regulatory landscape.

¿Por qué asociarte con nosotros? Nueve razones para asociarte con nosotros

  • Local

    We act as a local company, speaking the local language and adapting to local needs.

  • Entrepreneurial

    Within the Group, we operate like small and medium-sized enterprises with entrepreneurial spirit and fast decision-making.

  • Expertise

    Our managers, from sales positions and with backgrounds in chemistry, food technology, personal care and pharmaceuticals truly understand your business.

  • Innovation

    We go beyond selling, we create solutions and innovations to improve formulations and provide cost advantages.

  • People are our key asset: we respect and care about them. We grow together!

  • Excellence

    We are never satisfied with where we are; we always strive for excellence.

  • Relationships

    We know your needs. We are close to our clients and customers at all levels of their organization.

  • Values

    We partner with companies that share the same approach and values.

  • Transparency

    We are transparent with our partners.