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DKSH France Wins Prix de la Formulation Award at Cosmet'Agora 2024

DKSH France Wins Prix de la Formulation Award at Cosmet

DKSH France was awarded with the Prix de la Formulation for its innovative formulation, “Atheletes' Protective Glide Balm”, inspired by the Cosmet'Agora Formulation Competition’s “Olympic Games” 2024 theme.

Lyon, France, February 07, 2024 - DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials, a leading distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients, was awarded third place in the Prix de la Formulation Award contest, held during Cosmet'Agora 2024 in Paris.

DKSH was awarded by an independent panel of judges who reviewed more than 80 submissions. The award was presented for the innovative formulation, "Atheletes' Protective Glide Balm", made from 98.5% natural raw materials, complying with regulations on vegan products in France.

DKSH France’s winning formulation moisturizes and nourishes skin and aids skin regeneration. It is cold formulated using an environmentally friendly process that saves energy and maintains the properties of its active plant ingredients. This goes in hand with DKSH’s sustainability strategy as its purpose is to enrich people’s lives by providing sustainable ingredients that are ethically sourced, fulfilling DKSH’s global sustainability goal to reduce carbon footprint and become Climate Neutral by 2030 in its own operations.

DKSH’s network of 53 innovation centers worldwide include 16 centers dedicated to the personal care sector. These centers allow DKSH to reduce time to market and help companies to increase their competitive advantage in the industry.

Jean-François Malaval, Manager, Global Technical Services & Innovation, Personal Care Industry, DKSH, commented: “Our winning formulation forms a protective and regenerative barrier as soon as it is applied, without any oily effect. Its unique gel texture spreads easily over the skin, leaving a silky finish. It forms an even, flexible protective layer that follows the skin's movements, providing longer-lasting protection, especially during exercise. The formulation's padded effect forms a bubble to protect against irritation and rubbing.”

Jean-Dominique Foulon, Managing Director, DKSH France, commented: “DKSH France is proud to present “Atheletes' Protective Glide Balm” at Cosmet'Agora 2024. The event is a chance to showcase our formulation expertise, present our vast portfolio of ingredients, and highlight the suppliers who put their trust in us. We are proud to have won awards at Cosmet'Agora in both 2015 and 2019, and this recognition in 2024 is testament to the continuous hard work and collaboration between DKSH France and our valued business partners. We would also like to thank the Société Française de Cosmétologie for organizing this award.”