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Scia Systems - PEVCD/RIE Systems - scia Batch 350

The scia Batch 350 is designed for homogeneous coating of several 3‑dimensional shaped substrates in one batch. Typical applications are biocompatible films for medical objects.

The scia Batch 350 uses a RF parallel plate arrangement with rotation of each substrate for a homogeneous coating of all sides. The system is also available with an additional DC bias applied to the substrate holder.

Technical Data
Carrier size 2 carriers with maximum size of 350 mm x 240 mm
Substrate holder Water cooled, pulsed DC bias
Plasma source RF parallel plate arrangement, 13.56 MHz
Max. RF power 2 x 600 W
Electrode setup Temperature: Heating up to 400°C
Distance: Adjustable between 50 mm and 150 mm
Operation modes Independent or coupled electrodes
Typical deposition rate SiC: 5 nm/min
Base Pressure < 5 x 10-7 mbar
System dimensions (W x D x H) 0.90 m x 1.70 m x 2.30 m (without electrical rack and pumps)
Tool configuration 1 process chamber with manual loading
Software interface SECS II / GEM
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
Scia SystemsManufacturer of advanced ion beam and plasma processing systems, scia Systems established itself in a very short time on the worldwide market. Products are dedicated to the industry of Microelectronics, MEMS and precision optical manufacturing : etching, trimming, sputtering systems.
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