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In witnessing strong regional growth, unique clients’ and customers’ charisma, and the local business dynamic, DKSH Hong Kong Business Unit Technology (TEC) designed and registered TecExcellence as our creative label. This has become a reputed trademark ever since to develop DKSH innovation into both Hong Kong and Macau markets. 

Localizing our global insights and expertise, TecExcellence reads more than the simplicity of combining “Technology” and “Excellence”. It speaks about achieving business optimization through technology in the present and into the future. By formulating applicable, adaptable, and expandable solutions and services, TecExcellence remarks TEC’s commitment to creating values, drive business results and introduce innovation for our clients’ and customers’ businesses and in turn, benefiting our end consumers and contributing technological advancement for the region.

From standardized car parking modules consisting of equipment, facilities and systems, TEC’s leadership, expertise and insights in the industry have enriched the team to evolve by increasing solutions’ sophistication and merging daily applications with automation, stepping its foot into the arena of intelligent-based IoT solutions. The team’s recent success story has been recorded by the design of a Temperature Measurement and Access Control System, demonstrating our crucial role for smart applications. Now, the Business Unit solutions and network penetrate different functions, business sectors, industries, including Government, public sectors, commercial (office buildings, shopping malls), residentials and hotels.

TecExcellence is the stamp for niche and differentiation, and as well, guarantee and confidence. Our signature projects, the creation of prestige customer experiences, efficient commercial applications, and state-of-the-art features gradually sets TecExcellence as an indispensable player to construct a smart city for the region and takes on its journey to introduce our intelligence into other markets. 


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