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  • Touchless, Non-stop and faster and accurate temperature detection solution
  • Computerize temperature data with facial recognition for trace and track
  • Detect Mask wearing at public areas as a industries compliance
  • Automation of the risk, access and quality management control in regards to COVID-19

  • Applications:

    • Entrance of Office and Conference Room
    • Entrance of Shopping Mall or shop
    • School, Hotel, MTR Station

Key features

  • High speed detection with high accuracy ± 0.3~0.5˚C
  • Long rang detection to reduce touch infection Max. 6M
  • Reduce Labour cost for manual temperature measurement
  • Computerized data and picture for trace and track
  • Facial detection even people has wearing face mask
  • Optionally alert the visitor not wearing face mask
  • Optional facial recognition for specified people mapping
  • Integration with HR system for attendance records
  • Fast deployment and moveable

Solution architecture

Solution Architecture

Demo video


Question and answer

A1. Over the market the tolerance of commercial temperature detection device is 0.5-1.0c, such as infrared thermometer for head, ear…etc. it depends on the measurement point and standard temp point. Moreover, the environmental factor such as air-conditioner also will influence the result. A optional black body is working as a standard temperature reference point, it can increase the tolerance from 0.5c to 0.3c. (military grade product can reach 0.1c)

A2. A facial recognition unit is same as a CCTV system, The A.I. facial recognition system also has option to provide video recordings function. According to Hong Kong regulation the surveillance and recording area must show a clear indication such area is under monitor.

The facial recognition is working by a non-reversable algorithm, the captured image was encrypted and can’t be read by external device. Details privacy issue depending on local country regulation.

A3. It depending on the view angle of camera and distance of detection, the face(s) within the thermographic measurement broader can be detected, maximum up to 10 points. In normal operation environment, 4-6 peoples can be detect at the same instant moment.

A4. TX-4200 is a all-in-one Display Terminal such including CPU, Memory, Storage, Windows and essential program for communicate with front end equipment. Because it is a off-the-shell solution, we didn’t recommend to use a third party equipment to reduce the problem of integration.

A5. According to our own IT solution experience, we didn’t expect install a critical system into other server especially it involve a security control, it also involved a further maintenance responsibility issue in between difference parties.

A6. The software upgrade and bug fix is included by software maintenance services and free for the 1st year, afterward as normal as DKSH Hong Kong will charge 10-12% of purchase price for 2nd maintenance including hardware swap services and software maintenance.