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Temperature Monitoring and Access Control System designed especially for car parking

With countries around the world actively fighting the spread of COVID-19, many public spaces have been implementing stricter temperature monitoring at front gates and side entries. However, many have neglected the entrance of car garages and parking spaces, creating a leakage in the pandemic combatting effort. At DKSH, we developed a solution that combines temperature monitoring and gated control all in one.

Our solutions

Carpark entry with Body Temperature Detection System

Key features

  • BTDS reduces the waiting time in front of carpark barrier gate to enhance the customer experience and turnover rate of carpark.
  • Interactive text message and video show at LCD screen to smooth the automation of driver and passenger temperature detection.
  • Prevent the risk of infection from traditional body temperature detection procedure for Staff, Driver and Passenger.

  • User interface for carpark operator to monitor the live video stream and detected body temperature.
    Using the intercom module of Carpark Management System to instruct the driver for further action.

  • Facemask wearing detection with Reminder Mode or Mandatory Mode for carpark entry as an Option.
  • Reduce the human reading error by thermal detection handheld and miss-recorded measurement.

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