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TA Instruments - Thermal Analysis - Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

SDT 650

Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer
DSC/TGA system that delivers the purest real-time simultaneous heat flow and weight data possible.

TA Instruments invites you to experience the world’s finest Simultaneous DSC/TGA, the Discovery SDT 650. Discover the advanced engineering and attention to detail that provides enhancements in every aspect of performance and a new level of user experience. Available with or without an Autosampler, the Discovery SDT is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Technical Specifications

Temperature Range Ambient to 1500 °C
Dynamic Temperature Precision ±0.5 °C
Heating Rate (Linear) 0.1 to 100 °C/min
Calorimetric Accuracy/Precision ±2% (based on metal standards)
Heat Capacity Accuracy ±5%
Sample Weight Capacity 200 mg
Weighing Accuracy ±0.5%
Weighing Precision ±0.1%
Weight Baseline Drift[1] <50 µg to 1000°C & <50µg 1000 to 1500°C
Vacuum 50 µTorr

[1] Without baseline subtraction

Key Features

SDT 650

  • Horizontal dual-beam design for superior heat flow and weight measurements.
  • Dual-sample TGA mode for double the productivity of competitive systems.
  • Ultra-low drift balance design for unrivaled performance in baseline flatness, sensitivity, and resolution.
  • Modulated DSC®,(MDSC®), for the best determination of heat capacity.
  • Hi-Res™ TGA for the best separation of overlapping weight losses.
  • Modulated TGA™,(MTGA™), for increased productivity for studying kinetics.
  • Reliable linear autosampler with programmable tray positions for worry-free 24/7 operation, most flexible programming of experiments, and automated calibration and verification routines.
  • New innovative “app-style” touch screen puts instruments functionality simply One-Touch-Away™, enhancing usability and making it easier than ever to get great data.
  • Commitment to quality backed by the industries ONLY five-year furnace warranty for peace of mind.

The Powerful Discovery SDT 650 - DSC & TGA All In One!

TA instrumentsTA instruments provides innovative material characterization instruments that are widely used for research, analysis, and quality control in the evaluation of physical properties. We are the world’s leading supplier of thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry instruments, and our product areas have expanded to include thermal conductivity & diffusivity, dilatometry, rubber testing, and dynamic mechanical characterization.