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  • ELTRA online product demo: learn the product and meet the expert remotely, from the comfort of your own desk

  • DKSH powered up Indonesia's first computer-based test systems

  • DKSH Business Unit Technology's Laboratory Consumable catalog 2020

  • DKSH helps to power up leading Indonesian bank’s data center

    DKSH helps to power up leading Indonesian bank’s data center

  • Three core areas to focus on when building smart data centers in Indonesia

    Three core areas to focus on when building smart data centers in Indonesia

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With over 1,670 specialists, including more than 500 service engineers, DKSH Technology serves a customer base of over 25,000 companies. It operates in 18 markets from 80 business locations and is supported by more than 26 showrooms and demo labs.

Sales and service are our core competencies. We accompany our clients from developing a business strategy to translating it into an Asian reality. Using a state-of-the-art customer relationship management platform, we combine extensive industry and product knowledge with a structured and systematic sales approach to outperform the market and increase our clients’ market share.

As a total solution provider and system integrator, we serve our customers as a one-stop-shop and provide customized technology solutions. We not only provide professional after-sales services but also cover the entire product life cycle including installation and commissioning, final acceptance testing, production start-up support, training, maintenance, repair, spare parts and consumables supply as well as refurbishments and trade-ins. We operate as a trusted link between suppliers from Asia, Europe and America and customers in Asia, enabling suppliers to expand their markets and provide customers with access to products from around the world.

Market Expansion Services across the technology industry

What DKSH can do for you

If you manufacture technology products and wish to expand your business into Asia then DKSH Technology is the partner for you. Our local expertise and market knowledge reduce your risk exposure and increase the success of your market expansion initiatives. With our solutions-oriented approach for both suppliers and customers in all technology-driven aspects of business, you can also expect a fully-fledged service portfolio. This includes market entrance consultancy, sourcing, product development, marketing, sales, application engineering, training and after-sales services.

Our services at a glance

When our consultants and market researchers at DKSH Technology advise a business partner on new markets to enter and how to do so, we leverage our local expertise and market knowledge to ensure success. We devise market entry strategies as well as sustainable, long-term strategies for existing businesses based on customer requirements.

Our structured and systematic market development ensures that we build brands and increase market share in Asia today and in the long-term.
Using a state-of-the-art customer relationship management system we are able to provide optimal coverage of our potential customer base by identifying and qualifying relevant market potential, conducting market segmentation, classifying customers and proactively managing sales activities. Using in-depth market and competitor analysis as a basis to design and implement marketing campaigns and communication strategies, we ensure better penetration of existing products and services as well as successful new product launches. Our marketing portfolio also includes event management, media management and public relations.

Products are transported, stored and distributed efficiently and professionally thanks to our extensive capacities and expertise. In addition, we offer many integrated supply chain related services.


Our application engineers ensure that during presales and on-site process optimization, customized solutions are being designed and implemented for our customers. 
From initial drawings to the final products, we focus on providing the most competitive solutions. Our application engineers are supported with more than 25 showrooms and laboratories for demonstrations and trials.

Through best-in-class after-sales services, we ensure the long-term success of brands and products.

Operating with a state-of-the-art service management tool, we leverage the technical knowledge of our field service engineers and hotlines to offer quick response times and fast diagnoses and optimize spare parts availability to maximize uptime for our customers. Through structured service trainings, we ensure that our engineers’ knowledge remains current.

Why partner with DKSH

  • Business conversation

    Because of our more than 150-year history in the region, we are deeply rooted in communities throughout Asia and have established a vast network of relationships and access to key stakeholders

  • Haas recycling solutions

    Our indepth knowledge of local markets and pan-Asian reach allow us to provide regional solutions for clients by duplicating success across markets

  • DKSH employees

    Our regional footprint is unique in this industry and enables us to create significant synergies across regions

  • Hong Kong

    We take charge and are accountable for our actions and outcomes. Clearly defined processes and focused teams further ensure that clients get tangible results from the start

  • Employee working on machine

    Clients want to work with DKSH as no other company in this market can provide the same level of sales and service professionalism

  • DKSH employees in a laboratory

    We employ the best professionals in all areas of the technology industry, just like the founders of DKSH, our experts share a pioneering spirit and are passionate to drive growth

  • DKSH presentation

    By connecting with our well established local network, clients can tap into the full potential of their target market without having to invest in fixed local infrastructure, thereby minimizing risk

  • DKSH employee on training

    We ensure best practices can be shared to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • DKSH employees

    We combine local knowledge, culture, relationships and individual sales and service skills with state-of-the-art systems, a customer relationship management tool and our in-house service management tool

  •  IT room
    Regular and customized reporting ensure our clients get transparency with respect to project pipelines, sales activities and market coverage as well as market share development

Did you know that...?

Facts and figures

Success stories

  • First turnkey data center in Indonesia

    The Indonesian government’s strategic direction is to push the fiber and 4G network coverage nationwide as well as have all data from companies in Indonesia stored within the country. As an exclusive representative and distributor for Vertiv, a leading data center solutions provider (formerly known as Emerson Network Power), in Indonesia and Japan for two years, DKSH was approached by the second largest telecommunications company in Indonesia who were looking to continue to modernize, enhance and expand their network and communication infrastructure across the country

  • Endless innovation to clothe the world

    Sritex encountered numerous challenges including aggressive execution timeframes, a restrictive budget, ISO and production requirements for high-end fabrics, increasing power costs as well as intense competition from manufacturers in India and China.

  • Woodworking mastery reborn in Japan

    In Japan, the number of experienced wood workers has rapidly decreased as the wood-making craftsmanship has not been widely passed on to younger generations due to a low demand of such a specific skill set.

  • A staff of Café Bonfino enjoyed roasting coffee bean with Probat.

    Finding the perfect taste for Café Bonfino through superb application training and support

    Café Bonfino, a subsidiary company of YKK which serves coffee for YKK’s nationwide showrooms, own coffee shops and restaurants was looking for new coffee roaster to replace their aging machines.

  • Turning market late-comers to market leaders

    To enter Vietnam’s dairy and cattle industry, one of the earliest agricultural industries to be established in the country, New Holland had to compete with several foreign companies who had already entered the market and together held more than 80% of the market share.

  • Bringing traditional Japanese hospitality to Taiwan

    A five-star Japanese hotel in operation for over 100 years decided to open a hot spring hotel in Taiwan. The hotel required a kitchen area on each floor to handle food orders from room service. Each kitchen area needed to be equipped with a fryer on top of a pantry to ensure food is served at precisely the right temperature. However, such cooking equipment is not common in Taiwan.

  • TEC AGR machine

    DKSH revolutionizes sugar-cane farming in Vietnam

    DKSH TEC Vietnam partnered with sugar-cane farmers to introduce high-tech harvesting equipment by understanding and adapting to their needs. As a result, in 2015, DKSH was able to distribute five two-row-sugarcane A8000 Harvesters. Furthermore, this sales was the initial starting point for future opportunities to sell even more sugarcane harvester machines, along with after-sales services.

  • Hiruscar doubles online sales with DKSH marketing campaign

    Hiruscar doubles online sales with DKSH marketing campaign

    By working with DKSH, Hiruscar successfully activated its online sales channels and tested the effectiveness of different e-commerce platforms for its range of products.

  • UV Varnish

    Odor-free UV varnish – new photography processing method cleans up

    When it comes to opportunities for new products or technologies in the market, DKSH’s specialist teams are in prime position to apply their Market Expansion Services skills to create, develop and market new breakthroughs.

  • Understanding the business partner generates added value

    Being a player in a capital goods market like transport and lifting equipment requires service capabilities beyond the ordinary. The DKSH Business Line Infrastructure offers integrated service solutions that win the trust of their partners, building on existing reputation and relationships to generate new business opportunities.

Local announcements

  • DKSH introduces the brand-new Malvern Panalytical Zetasizer Pro and Ultra - two flagship systems which deliver the ultimate in particle and molecule size and zeta potential analysis.

    Malvern Panalytical launches revolutionary new Zetasizer Pro and Zetasizer Ultra For intelligent, confident particle and molecule analysis

    Malvern Panalytical has unveiled its new Zetasizer® Pro and Ultra systems, designed to increase confidence in decision-making within key analytical workflows associated with product development and quality control. Built on the heritage of the market-leading Zetasizer Nano range, and already the proud recipients of a Red Dot 2018 design award, these new flagship instruments deliver significant improvements in the quality and speed of particle size, molecule size and zeta potential measurements, using the techniques of dynamic and electrophoretic light scattering.

  • Technology Business Unit appears in major trade events in Jakarta

    DKSH Indonesia Technology Business Unit actively takes part in four significant events within one week. Those international exhibitions & conferences, running simultaneously will all be located in Jakarta. From April 3 – 7, Technology Business Unit is involved in four events. This occasion is very unique, with all four business lines participating to majors specialized fairs: Specialized Industrial Applications (IAP), Scientific Instrumentation (INS), Textile Machinery (TEX) and Hospitality Equipment (HOS). Business Unit TEC will therefore reach a very wide spectrum of potential customers from various industries and mark the ground by its presence at four corners of the city.

  • DKSH brings Solida Biotech’s innovative bioprocess equipment to Asia

    DKSH, the leading Market Expansion Services Provider with a focus on Asia, has been appointed by Solida Biotech to bring its full portfolio of products and services to Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. DKSH will introduce Solida’s innovative products to the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, bio-food industries, cosmetic industries, R&D institutes and universities in the field of life sciences, renewable energies industries and institutions.

We are happy to have DKSH, the leading provider of scientific solutions in Southeast Asia, as partner for bringing our innovative and patented technology into the labs of this emerging part of the world. We think DKSH with its long experience and highly-qualified professional staff will be able to have a large success while introducing the Postnova FFF Platform in the Asian growth markets.

Thorsten Klein, CEO, Postnova Analytics