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TA Instruments - Rheology - Viscometers

Our Viscometers incorporate the latest measurement technology for the traditional Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch, and the dynamic viscosity of glasses, slags, and mold powders in the glass, ceramics and metals industries.

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Available models

Technical specifications
Viscosity η
10 – 107 dPA s
Temperature Range
RT to 1500°C or 100°C to 1700°C
Temperature Resolution
Sample volume
13.8 or 9.2 cm-3
Rotor diameter
9 or 19 mm
Measuring system material
Pt/Rh 30%
Torque Range
0.1 to 50 mN m
Torque Accuracy
Angular Velocity
max. 80 rad/s
Angular Velocity Resolution
10-4 rad

The high temperature viscometers VIS 403 and VIS 403HF measure the dynamic viscosity of materials with Newtonian behavior such as glasses, slags or mold powder. The instrument operates by measuring the shear stress and shear rate of a rotating bob immersed in a fluid filled cup under controlled temperature. Two different bob and cup configurations are available based on the viscosity of the test fluid. Tests may be conducted in controlled stress or controlled rate conditions, and under isothermal or temperature ramp programs.

Technical specifications
Rotational Speed
2 rpm (Standard)
Temperature Range
Ambient to 200°C
Torque Range
0.01 to 200 MU
Large: 38.10 mm D / Small: 30.48 mm D
Test Modes
Mooney Viscosity / Mooney Scorch / Stress Relaxation (Linear, Logarithmic, ISO, Mooney Stress-relaxation Rate)
ASTM D1646, ISO 289, DIN 53525

Key features

  • Superior design for unmatched data precision and accuracy
  • Extremely rigid test frame for accurate compliance-free data
  • Low mass rotor design and direct heating for fast and accurate temperature control
  • Available high resolution variable speed direct drive motor
  • Automated internal torque calibration
  • Long-life user-replaceable seals
  • Powerful and Intuitive Scarabaeus Software available in multiple languages
  • Large (38.10 mm) and small (30.48 mm) diameter rotors Mooney viscosity, stress relaxation, scorch
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