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The Kardex Megamat 115 / 120 (formerly Lektriever) is a software-controlled automated media storage and retrieval system that holds thousands of media files, videos, CDs, DVDs, or a host of other media.

Its capacity is equivalent to approximately 16 four-drawer filing cabinets. It operates in a stand-alone mode or networked to an IT system. It is as easy to operate as a printer - simply click on the requested file or media type and the Kardex Megamat 115 / 120 (formerly Lektriever) will search, select, and retrieve the requested item.

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Technical Specifications

Megamat 115

Megamat 120

Width 2,560 mm; 2,947 mm; 3,269 mm 2,560 mm; 2,947 mm; 3,269 mm
Height 2,200 - 3,700 mm 2,250 - 3,700 mm
Depth 925 mm 1,155 mm; 1,175 mm
Load per carrier 100 - 150 kg 100 - 150 kg

Key Features

Provides an ergonomic work environment

  • Automated retrieval (requested item conveys to the user) 
  • Eliminates physical demands, such as long walks or bending and stretching when obtaining documents 
  • The system is easy to operate and equally possible for workers that are physically handicap or have restricted physical mobility

Increases productivity

  • Perform work standing up or sitting down 
  • Productivity is almost double when compared to manual systems (e.g., drawer and cabinet systems)

Maximizes storage performance

  • Requires only a small footprint 
  • The units extend straight up to the ceiling 
  • The units stretch over several floors 
  • Almost twice as efficient as drawer or horizontal cabinet systems

Customizes to individual preferences

  • Select any color for a personalized appearance 
  • Configure the paneling design and table surface individually

Secures content

  • Safely store confidential documents 
  • Meets legal regulations to protect the rights of individuals 
  • System is restricted to specific individuals and opens only via an access code or PIN numbe
  • Electronics
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
KardexKardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. This begins with the assessment of customer requirements and continues through planning, realization, and maintenance of customer-specific systems. It ensures a high level of availability combined with low total cost of ownership and operation. Approximately 2'100 employees in over 30 countries work for Kardex. Kardex Holding AG is listed on the Swiss SIX Stock Exchange since 1989.