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Sakaguchi has engaged in a broad spectrum of activities encompassing heating energy created in all kinds of industries such as, electric power, petrochemical plants, electronics and environmental protection. We offer a wide range of heaters, including heaters for flat and tubular form, liquid and gas, gas and infrared, mold heating and injection molding, compact high-output ceramic heaters and as well as other custom products.

Heaters for flat & tubular form heating Highly flexible material is used to enable construction and heating in close contact with the heated part


Silicone Rubber Heater - Samicon 230

Fine etching technology provide excellent heat uniformity distribution. And the heater can be produced in a variety of shapes.


High-temperature Silicone Rubber Heater - Samicon 420

Sakaguci original developed materials in this high-temperature rubber heater allow continuous use at 350℃ and up to 400℃ even with a thickness of not more than 1.5mm. (lead-free with no solder used)


Samicon Polyimide Heaters

Polyimide film of not more than 0.2mm thick is empolyed in this flat heater for quick ramp up, and its low outgassing allows it to be used even in vacuum condition. (continuous use: 250℃, maximum: 300℃)


Mica Heaters

Uniform heat distribution at high temperatures is produces with this flat heater thanks to highly insulating high-temperature mica and fine etching technology.


Silicone Belt Heaters

Being formed in a belt shape of highly flexible silicone rubber allows this heater to be used wrapped around pipes and the like.


Samicon Cord Heaters

Thanks to a cord shape of highly flexible silicone rubber, this heater can be constructed on diverse shape.


Silicone Curl Heaters

With this curled shape of highly flexible silicone rubber, this heater can be easily wrapped around pipes and the like.


Ribbon Heaters

Formed in a ribbon shape with glass fiber having higher heat resistance than silicone rubber, this heater can be used at high temperatures wrapped around pipes and the like.


Mantle Heaters

Formed with glass fiber having high heat resistance, this detachable heater can be produced according to the shape of the heated project.


Silicone Rubber Pipeline Heaters

Formed of silicone and glass fiber materials, this heater can be designed and produced according to the layout of pipes.

Heaters for liquid & gas heating These sheath heaters are produced in various shapes, such as straight, U-shaped and M-shaped. They are used for heating water, gases, chemicals, etc


Copper pipe with good thermal conductivity goes into the production of this heater, and it is finished in nickel plating. It can be mounted to the side or bottom of this heating vessels.


Thanks to Sakaguchi's vast track record and technologies, this heater is suitable for liquid and gas heating. (we provide from small to large ranges of Flange immersion heaters)

Gas and infrared heaters These heaters heat objects without coming into direct contact with them


A shorter wavelength than ordinary infrared and the ability to instantly generate heat enable this heater to have good heating efficiency.


The heated object uniformly and in an efficient manner with this heater as the wavelength is loner due to the heating element being embedded in a ceramic plate and its flat radiating surface.

Heaters for mold heating and injection molding Select according to the shape f the object you want to heat, such as mold or injection molding machine nozzle


This heater is ideal for using such as cylinders of injection molding machines. This High efficiency heater is constructed by highly insulating mica and has a fine structure to give good heat transfer.


Featuring high insulation and long life, this heater has a wide variety of stock products as well as custom production to make it compatible with a variety of designs.

Compact high-output ceramic heaters & other custom products In addition to ceramic heaters as small as 5mm square that can be used up to 1000℃, hot plates for the heating processes of semiconductors and LCD, pre-heaters and duct heaters for manufacturing equipment, and more can be designed according to your needs


Micro Ceramic Heater - MS-1000R

Type R thermocouple built in and compact at 25mm square, this ceramic heater handles heat of 1000℃


Micro Ceramic Heater - MS-M1000

Manufactured to be even more compact at 5mm square, this ceramic heater handles heat of 1000℃.


Hot Plate

This heater is usable in low to high temperature and in atmosphere and vacuum, and it can be designed for uniform heat distribution on the plate surface.


Ceramic Fiber Furnace

Heating elements are embedded in ceramic fiber on this one-piece furnace, It can be designed and produced according to desired form, temperature and usage.


New solar beam - Hanging Heater Stove

This quick heating and comfortable heater for indoor use has increased infrared output thanks to a better color temperature.

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Sakaguchi Eh VocSakaguchi E.H VOC Corp. was founded in 1923 by founder Taichi Sakaguchi. In the ensuing century, Sakaguchi E.H VOC Corp. has engaged in a broad spectrum of activities encompassing heating energy created in all kinds of industries such as, electric power, petrochemical plants, electronics and environmental protection. Our mission is to provide HEATING technologies in all the fields where we operate. We are dedicated to delivering products and services that fulfill the diversifying needs of its customers from traditional industries to leading-edge sectors.