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The AtomfloTM 600 argon plasma system is ideally suited for in-line cleaning and activation of materials prior to bonding. The plasma produces a beam of reactive atoms that etch away contaminants on the surface all the way down to the atomic scale. The compact and lightweight plasma head, together with the low-voltage, radio-frequency power supply, make it safe and easy to integrate surface treatment into any assembly line. The beam of reactive atoms is low temperature and 100% electrically neutral. It treats metals, glass, and plastics. It will not damage sensitive electronics, or thin film polymers, such as polyethylene. An in-line production system can treat millions of parts per year at a cost of ownership of a few cents per part.

Key Features

  • Embedded software
  • System limits and alarms
  • Manage recipes
  • Advanced monitoring and control
  • Automation
  • Versatile chemistry
  • Auto-tuning matching network

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Available models

Surfx Benchtop Plasma Machine_Front View

The Atomflo 600 mounted on a benchtop robot is our best-selling product for R&D, Universities, and industrial laboratories worldwide. These systems are easy to install and use. Boost your materials processing capabilities to a new level.

Argon Plasma Systems_Front View

The 100-mm-wide argon plasma beam cleans and activates surfaces much faster and more uniformly than open air plasma with 10-mm-wide spots. Also, Surfx machines monitor and control every process parameter in real time. Nobody else offers this level of process traceability.

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
Surfx Technologies

Surfx Technologies offers a full range of atmospheric plasma tools for treating microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidics, semiconductors, solar cells, medical devices, sensors, plastics and composites. Our atmospheric plasmas are cleanroom compatible, fast, safe and effective, and will not damage your critical parts. Our Atomflo™ atmospheric plasmas are well suited for surface treatment of many different materials, including polymers, metals, semiconductors, glass and ceramics. Our tools are used for cleaning and activation, etching, surface modification, and deposition.