Maurice Lacroix Watch

DKSH provides fully integrated services in different high-end luxury segments. DKSH has a distinct track record as an exclusive Market Expansion Services provider for selected luxury and lifestyle watch brands in various market segments.

In the Luxury & Lifestyle segment, DKSH provides Market Expansion Services with a focus on the domains of watches, luxury accessories and premium stationery.

Our services at a glance

The representation of watch brands has always been a strategic pillar of our company’s Luxury and Lifestyle activities in Japan. We have a well-earned reputation as successful brand builders, drawing on a wealth of experience and expertise. For more than a century, our company has successfully managed many prestigious watch brands and established a strong presence for them in Japan.

We bring your products to new markets

  • We open and operate single-brand and/or multi-brand retail outlets which require expertise and resources to initialize
  • We take market feedback and provide our suppliers with complete transparency regarding their segments and their products
  • We establish license agreements with major clients
  • We offer sales and marketing, finance and administration and IT support

Our technical service specialists play a pivotal role in marketing, consumer relations, and achieving customer satisfaction. These professionals provide a scheduled regime of careful maintenance for our customers’ goods and sell accessories according to their needs. They also lend their technical skills to the support of marketing and sales, able to explain to customers the construction, mechanisms and other points of value of the select products we handle. If any problem, however slight, is found in the products we receive from overseas, our technical service staff members contact suppliers to work out an immediate improvement plan. The role of our technical service staff is to satisfy the high standards of Japanese consumers with the country’s consumer market ranked as the world’s most discerning and demanding.

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