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Optimize your workflow – Take control of your contamination risks

A design to eliminate sources of contamination:

  • Easy to prevent biofilms: The new EZ-Fit™ Manifold design eliminates sources of contamination that can cause false positive results: all internal areas are accessible and can be cleaned efficiently and all components can be autoclaved
  • Each component can be removed quickly and easily without any additional tools
  • check valve is integrated into the tubing connection to prevent liquid back-flow from the vacuum system
  • The 2-way valve prevents the user from accidentally touching the filtration head while opening or closing it

Ease of use:

  • low height design increases comfort, especially when used in laminar flow hoods
  • The tubing to the vacuum source can be connected to either side of the manifold
  • The total weight is only 2.9 kg for a 3-place manifold! But nonetheless the stability of the manifold on non-flat working areas is ensured by a unique system
  • The valves are large and easy to operate
  • A new filtration head for Microfil® disposable funnels and membranes improves ease-of-use, reduces maintenance and limits the risk of contamination. A continuous rim allows easy and safe membrane transfer with forceps (reducing the risk of touching the membrane filtration area) and membrane removal with one hand
  • Filtration heads are available which accept N°8 stoppers. These fit our devices such as Monitor 55-Plus™ and EZ-Fit® Filtration Unit. One filtration head is also compatible with stainless steel and glass funnels.

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Technical Specifications

Materials of construction Handles, valve (trigger and knob): Aluminum
Connectors, pipe, valve body: 316L stainless steel
Connectors, seals and valve seals: Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM)
Filtration o-ring: Silicone
Dimensions (W*L*H) in mm 168 mm x 433 mm x 117 mm for a 3P manifold Catalog No. EZFITMIC03
Weight 2.9 kg kg for a 3-place manifold Cat. No. EZFITMIC03
Tubing connection Hose barb for 10mm tubing (NPS 3/8 or DN10)
Autoclaving conditions 121°C for 30 min

EZ-Fit® Filter Holder Manifolds

Handles, valve (trigger and knob) Aluminum
Connectors, pipe and valve body 316L stainless steel
Connectors, seals and valve seals EPDM
Filtration O-ring Silicone
Dimensions, mm* 168 W x 433 L x 117 H
Weight, kg* 2.9
Tubing Connection Hose barb for 10 mm tubing (NPS 3/8 or DN10)
Autoclaving Conditions 121 °C for 30 min

*For a 3-place manifold (cat. no. EZFITMIC03)

Key Features

  • Unique design for easy cleaning and decontamination
  • Different filtration heads for both reusable and disposable filtration devices
  • Quick-fit connectors for the vacuum tubing
  • Low height for ease of use in laminar flow hoods

EZ-Fit® Vacuum Manifold for universal laboratory filtration

  • Food & Beverage
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