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The life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany brings together the world-class products and services, innovative capabilities and exceptional talent of EMD Millipore and Sigma-Aldrich to create a global leader in the life science industry. We aim to solve the toughest problems in the industry and environments by collaborating with the global scientific community. We provide scientists and environmental experts with best-in-class lab materials, technologies and services. We are dedicated to making water, food and environmental analysis simpler, faster and more successful.

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Available models

Take your lab to the sample with the compact and easy-to- use RQflex® 20 reflectometer. Monitor materials at any stage of your production process or during disinfection control
to obtain precise quantitative results rapidly, and directly on-site.

The Reflectoquant® system consists of test strips and reflectometers, this mobile laboratory gives you all the tools you need for high quality, low cost analyses for a wide spec- trum of sample materials from food, water, and industrial
to environmental samples.

Key features

  • Intuitive menu navigation
  • Portable analysis
  • Barcoded test strips with batch specific calibration
  • Different languages available
  • Instrument-supported analytical quality assurance
  • Tests and application notes to fit your needs
  • Countdown-timer to streamline your analysis

Detect very low concentrations of impurities in water

The application

  • Drinking water, groundwater, freshwater, mineral water and process water should be regularly tested for a variety of parameters.
  • Analysis often requires high measurement sensitivities down to the ppb range.

Our solution: MColortestTM with color-card comparator

The MColortestTM system is designed for highly sensitive, fast analysis
of any water sample. It includes a color-card comparator, which allows you to compare the reaction color of the sample with a high-quality color scale for accurate evaluation.


  • Unique brilliance and fine color graduation for precise analysis • Easy-to-use visual tests with fast results
  • Very low (ppb range) to medium concentrations can be tested • Excellent measurement sensitivity

Highly reliable and portable, MQuantTM test strips are designed for semi-quantitative determination of ions and compounds. These versatile strips can be used in concentration ranges as low as below 1 mg/L up to the g/L range.

The test strips save you considerable time and costs during analyses, quality checks and in-process controls. Thanks to the PET film backing material and the low reagent content, the test strips are also easy
to dispose of.

MColorpHastTM makes pH measurement easier than ever. No instruments, sample preparation, maintenance, or cleaning electrodes. Simply read the color. The rapid method offers an accurate color scale for clear, reliable results.

It’s suitable for all types of media in environmental analysisand industrial in-process controls – even for highly turbid liquids.With our broad range of pH tests, you'll always have the optimal solution for your application.

MerckAt Merck, our vision is to unleash the potential of science for life. But we couldn’t do it without you. Close partnerships with our customers have been at the heart of our progress throughout our long history. They have allowed us to clearly understand your challenges. To develop high-quality solutions that are tailored to your needs. And to constantly push the bound- aries of innovation. As your reliable partner and one-stop supplier, we offer a portfolio of more than 40,000 products, and serve you from 154 locations in 67 countries around the world. So whether in your quality control lab, pilot plant or production facility, you’ll have the most suitable products, packaging and documentation to conduct your application more easily, efficiently and economically.