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The FLEXCEL NX TIL boasts a ground-breaking formulation that allows high resolution and fast imaging, as well as intimate optical contact with the plate during UV exposure.

It’s the tool that enables all of the digital information in a file – every pixel – to be recorded and reproduced on the film perfectly. No other mask for digital flexo platemaking can record at higher resolution or with the same degree of precision and predictability.

After imaging, the TIL is laminated to your choice of FLEXCEL NX plate in a quick and simple patented process that removes all oxygen between the layer and the plate, resulting in the creation of high quality, full amplitude, flat-top dots.

Key Features

  • TIL enables the highest resolution in the Graphic Arts Industry
  • TIL requires 3-4 times LESS energy to image than a LAMS layer
  • TIL uses multi thin-layer coating technology on PET to enable totally clean, crisp and consistent thermal ablation for a perfect mask
  • TIL is the only material that can enable the critical lamination process
  • TIL is unique to Miraclon

Additional Benefits

  • TIL enables true 1:1 image reproduction from file to finished plate
  • TIL enables the fastest digital flexo plate imaging in the industry
  • TIL enables powerful NX Advantage technology
  • TIL enables the total predictability and consistency for which KODAK FLEXCEL plates have become known
  • TIL enables the simplest flexo plate portfolio in the industry

  • Printing & Packaging

Miraclon - Bringing innovation, investment and collaboration together to take flexo further.

For the best in packaging printing – start to finish. Miraclon is a fully flexo-focused company, creating revolutionary solutions for flexo printing. A dedicated team has been at the forefront of flexo’s transformation for more than a decade, and the technology, including the flagship KODAK FLEXCEL NX system, ensures best-in-class performance at every point in the print process.

Today, the pressure on packaging printers is higher than ever. Which is why Miraclon work closely with customers, predicting challenges and innovating to resolve them, with products that take quality to new heights, increase efficiency and maximize productivity.