A bear keeps us ahead of the game in ThailandEnjoy winning - we love to prove ourselves and win, demonstrate perseverance and never give up.

A bear keeps us ahead of the game in Thailand

After World War II, Diethelm Bangkok took over the rights to sell products for the Bernese Alpine Milk Company, which produced a sweetened condensed milk, called Bear. It was challenging to sell the product as cow’s milk had never been part of the Thai diet.

In addition to targeting cinema audiences, the company used floating cinemas – boats equipped with a film projector and a screen – which travelled along Bangkok’s canals to promote the new milk brand in less accessible districts. The publicity blitz for the Bear milk was very powerful indeed – so powerful that Thai people might have got the impression this milk actually came from bears.

Such innovative and creative marketing efforts paid off. With more and more Thais consuming milk, sales steadily increased and the new brand found its way into many local kitchens.

It all goes to show: loving to compete, proving ourselves and enjoying to win is simply part of the DKSH DNA.