“Go east, young man”Write your own ticket - we are self-motivated and focus on getting things done. Everything is possible with hard work and a bit of luck.

“Go east, young man”

The DKSH journey began in 1865. Asia’s vast, untapped opportunities encouraged three adventurous Swiss entrepreneurs to venture into the unknown. Caspar Brennwald (who later partnered with Hermann Siber), Wilhelm Heinrich Diethelm and Eduard Anton Keller followed the prevailing advice of the day to: “go east, young man.” Independently, they sailed the oceans and endured many setbacks to reach new territories in Asia.

The three pioneers established flourishing trading houses, importing goods from Europe to Asia. In 1865, SiberHegner was founded in Yokohama, Japan. In 1887, Eduard Anton Keller founded Ed. A. Keller & Co. in Manila, Philippines, and Wilhelm Diethelm founded Diethelm & Co. Ltd. in Singapore. And so began our role in helping to establish local industries and facilitating globalization.

It all goes to show: everything is possible with hard work and a bit of luck.