Turning a threat into an opportunityEnjoy winning - we love to prove ourselves and win. We demonstrate perseverance and never give up.

Turning a threat into an opportunity

Due to the new regulations put in place in the Philippines after independence in 1946, importing activities were becoming increasingly challenging. Ed. A. Keller & Co. saw only one option for securing its own business operations: expanding its local manufacturing capacity by establishing a small plant in Manila and thereby turning a threat into an opportunity.

The firm had many years of experience in this field, thanks to the local production of both Santal powder and Three Flowers brillantine. The plant produced a limited number of cosmetic and healthcare products, marketing some of them under its own consumer brand “Johnson's Wax.”

Thanks to these activities, Keller met with such success that they had to relocate to bigger facilities outside the city. Through helping clients to produce their products locally, we also attracted further partnership agreements with, for example, the US pharmaceuticals group Bristol-Myers Company.

It all goes to show: our perseverance and never give up attitude is a vital part of our DKSH DNA.