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Warewashing - Conveyor Dishwasher

Available models

Key features

  • Minimizes the air circulation within the machine
  • Reduces energy losses by up to 15 %
  • Reduces evaporation losses
  • Four upper and three lower wash arms
  • Drop-in wash systems simplify cleaning
  • Precise spray pattern due to each wide angle nozzle FAN
  • 65% wider spray pattern due to optimal nozzle geometry
  • Higher cleaning capacity per nozzle
  • Even spray pattern guarantees an optimal distribution of wash water
  • Energy saving of up to 7 kWh
  • Simple cleaning
  • Separation of the rinse function into 2 zones for best wash result
  • Additional water recirculation in the pumped rinsing
  • Sparkling wash result
  • High air circulation
  • Good drying result
  • Fast and thorough drying
  • Easy operation
  • Functional

Key features

  • Reduces detergent consumption by up to 70%
  • Detergent dosing only necessary for approx. 105 l/h of regeneration water
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces evaporation losses
  • Reduces energy losses by up to 15 %
  • Reduces the primary energy demand
  • Uses energy from the extracted air to heat up the incoming water
  • Energy saving of up to 11,5 kWh
  • Simple cleaning
  • Heat energy is recovered from the hot extracted air
  • Energy saving of up to 11,5 kWh
  • Heats the wash and rinse water
  • 6 upper and 5 lower wash arms guarantee an optimal wash result
  • More active contact of wash water with wash ware
  • Precise spray pattern due to each wide angle nozzle fan
  • 65% wider spray pattern due to optimal nozzle geometry
  • Due to the high precision of the wide angle nozzles,wash arms can be put tighter together
  • Wash water is distributed efficiently, spray shadows are avoided
  • Perfect rinse result due to three-step zone
  • Minimization of detergent concentration in the rinse
  • Single button operation
  • Colour-coded status indication
  • Eliminates incorrect operation
  • Innovative control with text - and symbol display
  • Operated by touch screen
  • Simple, intuitive operation

Key features

  • Optimum hygienic safety by deep drawn tanks
  • Tank insulation
  • Heat recovery C20
  • Stainless steel strainer system completely covering wash tanks
  • Including rinse actuator
  • Including main switch
  • Including autotimer
  • Stainless steel wash pump
  • Protronic control

Key features

  • exact adapting of the washer to your wash ware and to your cleaning result requirements.
  • optimised adapting to given considerations of space.
  • perfected technology which distinguishes itself by its economic use of energy, water and chemicals.
  • efficient monitoring of mechanics, temperature, times of contact and chemical requirements.
  • manufactured of CrNi steels, guaranteeing the highest durability of your machine.
  • fitted with electrical connections in the standard way, your FUX modular washer can at any time also be supplied with connections for gas, steam or hot water.
  • FUX modular plants are meaningful anywhere where high standards are set for large volumes and economy and where optimised cleaning and drying results are required.

The CLe Dishwasher is so efficient, it can clean up to 8,550 dishes an hour with 50% less rinse water and energy and in less space than comparable models. The conveyor dishwasher of the future is here and because itย’s a Hobart, itย’s built to last for years and years.

Key features

  • Save up to $9,192 a year due to reduced rinse water, energy and sewage
  • ENERGY STAR® rated, an ideal candidate for a sustainable operation
  • Exclusive Opti-Rinse™ technology for 50% less energy and water usage than comparable models
  • Large, hinged doors for easier access to the interior for cleaning
  • Easy-access controls for rapid verification of machine status, wash and rinse temperatures
  • Cleans up to 8,550 dishes an hour

The Advansys CLeR brings Hobart’s Energy Recovery technology to the industry-leading water and energy savings of Opti-Rinse. The result? A conveyor-type warewasher with Hobartย’s legendary longevity built-in that saves you so much in both energy and water, it could literally pay for itself within a few years, depending upon your warewashing volume. 

Key features

  • Auto-timer to save energy
  • Tanks designed to retain water temperature, reducing energy consumption
  • Cascading water system (on multi-tank models) to save water, energy and detergent
  • Power Scrapper designed to reduce water, energy, detergent and labor
  • Reliability and durability for lower cost of ownership

The CLe blower dryer provides ware that is 98% drier than ware washed without a blower dryer, allowing you to increase your operations efficiency.

Key features

  • Provides ware that's 98% drier than ware washed without blower dryer
  • Designed as a single system with CLe dishwasher for optimum efficiency
  • Uses 76% less energy and 45% less space than prior models
  • 66.7 to 67.2 dBA, significantly lower than OSHA's permissible exposure level of 90 dBA

HOBART manufactures products for the food service and food retail industry, including cooking, food preparation, warewashers and waste handling, weight wrap, Baxter baking and Traulsen refrigeration.

HOBART Thailand and Indochina office has been established with Warehouse and the Spare Parts Center in objectives to support distribution network throughout the region of Thailand and CLMV Countries which consist of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam upon economic expansion and commit in quality genuine profession as stated ย“HOBART proudly supporter youย” always.