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Product outline:

  • A µ-Plate with 96 wells to investigate angiogenesis in high throughput tube formation assays
  • A high throughput screening plate with full ANSI/SLAS (SBS) and robotics compatibility
  • Brilliant cell visualization without gel meniscus formation
  • Cost-effective high throughput experiments, requiring only 10 µl of gel per well
  • Similar to µ-Slide Angiogenesis but with 96 wells in a multiwell plate format


  • High throughput tube formation assays
  • 3D cell culture
  • Immunofluorescence staining
  • Sprouting assays
  • Live cell imaging of attached cells

Technical specifications

Number of wells 96
Length / width 127.7 / 85.5 mm
Height with / without lid 16.5 / 14.4 mm
Well-to-well distance 9.0 mm
Volume inner wells 10 µl
Ø Inner wells 4 mm
Depth inner well 0.8 mm
Volume upper wells 70 µl
Ø Upper wells 5 mm
Growth area per inner well 0.125 cm²
Coating area per inner well 0.23 cm²
Well clearance 0.82 mm
Inner well flatness ± 5 µm
Whole plate flatness ± 25 µm

Bottom: ibidi Polymer Coverslip

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