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Effortlessly collect 3D topography data with sub-nanometer precision on your benchtop with the Redux AFM. Get quantitative data in minutes for topography, roughness, film thickness, particle size and more.

  • Precise: Quantitative 3D data with sub-nanometer precision
  • Automated: Motorized X, Y and Z stages for easy sample navigation
  • High throughput: Go from sample loading to data in minutes
  • Versatile: Topography, roughness, thickness, particle size and more

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Revolutionary AFM-on-a-Chip Technology Simplifies Traditional AFM Processes

Traditional AFM instruments, while powerful for nanoscale surface imaging, are often hindered by complex and time-consuming setup processes rooted in technology developed in the 1980s. Recognizing this challenge, ICSPI revolutionized the landscape with its unique AFM-on-a-chip technology. The Redux AFM, harnessing this breakthrough technology, makes nanoscale imaging effortless. By integrating multiple components onto a single chip, the Redux eliminates the cumbersome aspects of traditional AFM, such as silicon probe exchange, cantilever alignment, tip crashes, tip-sample approach, and controller tuning.

Technical Specification

AFM Specifications

Sensing Self-sensing, laser alignment-free
Z actuation Self-actuating
XY actuation Electrothermal
Max scan area (XY) 20 μm x 20 μm
Z Range 20 μm


Max sample height 20 mm
Max sample weight 250 g

Integrated Optical Microscope

Objective 10x, 0.25 NA
Field of view 1.4 mm × 0.8 mm
Resolution 1920 x 1080 FHD video output

System Dimensions

Dimensions (L x W x H) 23.2 cm × 22.0 cm × 24.6 cm
Weight 4 kg

Software and I/O

Communication USB
Operating System Windows 10, 11


Power supply Class II (two prong)
Input 100-240 VAC ~ 50/60 Hz
Output 12 VDC, 3 A

Key Features


  • One-click configuration
  • One-click automatic approach in seconds
  • Laser alignment-free operation

Unlike traditional AFMs, the Redux has no laser alignment step or manual approach: an integrated sensor on the AFM chip automates everything for you.


Compatible with your sample

  • Opaque or transparent, conductive or non-conductive samples
  • Minimal to no sample preparation and non-destructive scanning
  • Generous sample platform (125 mm x 100 mm) and height (20 mm)

The Redux is compatible with virtually any solid sample, including adhesive samples.


Ultra-durable probes

  • Extremely low tapping force
  • Easy handling
  • Laser alignment-free operation

Our unique AFM chips have durable probes that last hundreds of scans without noticeable wear. The AFM chips are mounted onto easy-to-handle printed circuit boards (PCBs) that can even be handled by hand.


Get insights at the nanoscale with quantitative high-resolution 3D data.

Go beyond line profiles and Ra: get high-resolution quantitative data in 3D, including power spectral density, across the surface.

Easily navigate to an interface and measure film thickness and step heights accurately.

Determine particle size, shape and distribution with sub-nanometer resolution.

Discover the spatial distribution of components with different properties in your materials.

Redux AFM: Automated Atomic Force Microscope



ICSPIICSPI develops and produces easy to use and affordable benchtop AFM instruments designed for the individual scientist and individual lab to capture 3D images at the nanoscale. Incorporating our AFM-on-a-Chip technology, our flagship instrument, the nGauge AFM provides researchers and scientists 3D scans at the nanoscale in about a minute in their own lab and on their own bench. ICSPI is headquartered in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.