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The CoaxStrip 6380 is a fully programmable multi-step stripping machine for coaxial, triaxial and multi-conductor cable as well as single conductor wire. Very fast cycle times, multiple steps with freely selectable stripping sequence, cable diameter verification, cable end detection, and automated cable retraction functions guarantee high precision and reliability.

With Schleuniger‘s standardized S.On user interface for simple programming, a sample programming library and 1,000 program memory, this machine is ideal for low volume, quick changeover applications as well as high volume production runs, giving the best possible flexibility and productivity for your production needs.

Technical Specifications

Raw material diameter Maximum 8 mm.
Conductor diameter Minimum 0.15 mm.
Strip length Maximum 40 mm.
Strip length increment 0.01 mm.
Stripping steps Maximum 6
Power supply 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 490x182x353 mm.
Weight 19 kg.

Key Features

  • “Cable End Detection”, ensures that the strip lengths are precise and repeatable, regardless of how the user inserts the cable into the machine.
  • “Cable Diameter Verification” compares the outside diameter of the inserted cable to the value stored in the cable program, preventing cable processing errors.
  • The centering jaws are located adjacent to the stripping blades and provide precision centering of the cable. The diameter of the centering jaws is programmable and this can reduce damage to the cable jacket, dielectric, and inner conductor. The programmability of the centering jaws also make it possible to control the amount of twisting of the of inner conductor.
  • Equipped with library based programming, an intuitive, user-friendly 5.7”color touchscreen, and the innovative S.On user software, the machine is easily configurable and can reduce training time.

Schleuniger is a global technology group headquartered in Thun (CH) and a leading supplier to the wire processing and testing industry. All wire processing and automation competencies are bundled under the brand name Schleuniger Group in four centers of competence in Europe and one operations hub in Asia.

Schleuniger Group offers wire processing solutions such as, wire cutting, wire stripping, wire testing and cable cutting. With its wholly-owned but independently managed company, DiIT AG, headquartered in Krailling near Munich (DE), the Schleuniger Group is also a leading player in the area of digitalization and industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

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