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Expand storage capacity four times without moving. Increase throughput ten times without hiring.

As a global AutoStore partner, Kardex offers a modular and flexible automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) to process orders quickly and efficiently. Optimally tailored to your structural conditions, no two AutoStore systems are the same. Each AutoStore is designed based on your operational needs and is fully validated through our simulation software. This ensures your warehouse automation solution will meet your demands and resolve your challenges. The compact cube storage technology AutoStore can be used across industries and is redefining warehouse operations worldwide.

Why partner with Kardex?

Kardex has a dedicated AutoStore team with many years of experience in planning and implementing tailor-made AutoStore solutions within a wide range of industries.

  • Experienced Team

Kardex has a dedicated AutoStore team with many years of experience in planning and implementing tailor-made AutoStore solutions within a wide range of industries.

  • Global Footprint

Using our extensive nationwide service and support network, you will be fully supported throughout the lifecycle of your AutoStore system, even in the most remote location.

  • Integrated Solutions

Our aim is to take everything into account – combining different technologies and providing complete, integrated, and cutting-edge intralogistics solutions from a single source.

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Technical Specifications

Bin Dimensions and Loads

Outside dimension (L × W) 649mm × 449mm | 25.6 in × 17.7 in
Inside dimension (L × W) 603mm × 403mm | 23.7 in × 15.9 in
Max. load capacity 30kg | 66.1 lbs

Bins are available in the following three heights

Outside 425mm / 330mm / 220mm | 16.7 in / 13 in / 8.7 in
Inside 404mm / 312mm / 202mm | 15.9 in / 12.3 in / 8 in
Max. stack 14bins / 16bins / 24bins

Key Features

  • High density small parts storage
  • Scalable processes for fluctuating demand
  • Fast and precise order fulfillment
  • Reliable warehouse operations
  • Ergonomic working conditions
  • Maximum Space Efficiency

Providing the highest storage density of any automated storage and retrieval system, AutoStore offers four times the capacity in the same space compared to conventional systems.

  • Fastest Order Fulfillment

AutoStore is the fastest order fulfillment system per square foot on the market. This warehouse automation system automatically stores fast movers on top while slow movers are stacked over.

  • Secure Warehouse Storage

In AutoStore, goods are stored safe and protected from dust. They are inaccessible until the order is executed, which is especially interesting for companies handling high-value goods.

  • Flexible storage solutions

AutoStore systems are extremely flexible. They can be adapted or expanded based on your business needs, without impacting ongoing operations.

  • Warehouse cost savings

AutoStore increases efficiency in order fulfillment. The compact cube storage solution also enables a significant reduction in operational costs, resulting in a favorable ROI.

  • Maximum uptime

With a global average uptime of 99.6%, AutoStore is the most efficient and reliable automated storage and retrieval system in the world.

Application Range

From same day delivery demands to customized products and stress-free returns, many companies struggle to keep up with today’s customer expectations in eCommerce order fulfillment. With this in mind, tailor-made AutoStore solutions from Kardex offer several features to help eCommerce providers successfully grow while maintaining a competitive edge.

As customer requirements continue to change at a minute’s notice, companies need to keep a steady growing range of parts in stock. The warehouse storage solution AutoStore supplies just-in-time production lines with parts that are stored in the densest possible way.

Whether it`s the backroom of a store, the center of a store or a small corner of a warehouse – providing high density storage, the automated warehouse system AutoStore is compact enough to fit almost anywhere. The flexible storage solution enables you to expand your in-store product assortment, while creating an engaging customer experience.

Key Components

The modular aluminum grid is lightweight and flexible. It holds the bins stacked neatly on top of each other while providing tracks in X and Y direction for the AutoStore robots to drive on, enabling them to access any storage location within the grid. The flexible, tailor-made system fits even the most unusually shaped facilities, allowing the AutoStore grid to be placed around columns, on mezzanines and across multiple levels - to maximize your existing warehouse space. Grid expansions are possible at any time without interrupting daily operations.

The compact cube storage solution AutoStore is ideal for warehouses operating a high number of SKUs – an average system holds 34,000 bins. Durable, specialized, and stackable warehouse storage bins hold inventory and the weight of multiple bins stacked one above another. Standard AutoStore bins are molded from high-grade polyethylene (HDPE). Users may also equip the system with special ESD bins to protect sensitive components from electrostatic discharge. Each bin can hold a single SKU or be subdivided into up to 32 storage locations. Even standard KLT boxes (Euro containers) can be stored within AutoStore bins. At any given moment, the software has complete control over the content of each storage bin.

High-speed AutoStore robots drive along the top of the grid, continuously picking up bins, rearranging them and presenting them at the respective workstations, where a variety of warehouse operations can be performed (picking, replenishment, inventory control, etc.). They can operate around the clock – even in total darkness and at low temperatures. AutoStore robots are highly efficient – the energy consumed by 10 robots is equal to a single conventional vacuum cleaner. All robots are connected to each other wirelessly and communicate via WLAN with the controller, which calculates the shortest available transport routes. AutoStore robots self-diagnose on a preventive basis and automatically move to the maintenance zone when required. If one robot breaks down, no problem – another one takes over its tasks.

The award-winning AutoStore Red Line consists of two robot types – the R5 and the R5+. While the AutoStore R5 robot is compatible with bin heights of 220 and 330 mm, the AutoStore R5+ robot can also handle the tallest bins at 425 mm in height. With their energy-efficient motors and a recovery system, Red Line robots from AutoStore are tirelessly in action. When battery charge gets low or there are no tasks to be completed, they dock themselves independently to one of the charging stations located at the edge of the grid.

AutoStore ports, or workstations, are where bins are presented for picking, replenishing and other inventory actions. AutoStore ports can be further enhanced with pick-to-light technology, which is especially helpful when bins are sub-divided for multiple SKUs. A software driven laser pointer will guide the operator to the exact pick location to increase pick accuracy and speed.
A wide range of ports offering various functions and speeds are available.

Conveyor Port
This workstation is designed to be simple, sleek and functional. The AutoStore bins are placed on a conveyor belt and transported to the operator through an opening outside the grid. The maximum throughput for the AutoStore Conveyor Port is 240 bins/hour on an elevated level and 180 bins/hour on the floor level.

Carousel Port
Enhancing picking performance, the AutoStore Carousel port operates with three rotating arms, each holding a bin. One bin tray is located in the operator's access area and the other two in the robot's access area, enabling faster bin presentation without interruptions. The maximum throughput is 350 bins/hour.

Swing Port
The AutoStore Swing Port is a workstation designed for picking and putaway from above or below the grid. The performance depends on the lift height, e.g., 160 bins/hour with an 8 meters (26.2 feet) bin lift.

Relay Port
The AutoStore Relay Port is a workstation that consists of a picking module and 3 to 6 buffer modules. AutoStore robots can deliver bins to the port at any time and transport bins already approved by the operator back into the grid. The advantage: No robot has to wait, and the articles can be sequenced according to the order. With 6 buffer modules, this port can achieve a throughput of up to 650 bins/hour.


The AutoStore controller keeps track of everything and is responsible for storage location management. It is the command center, traffic control unit and database holder for the entire AutoStore system. Since AutoStore is a closed system, the controller represents the connection between AutoStore and the Warehouse Management Software (WMS). AutoStore systems can be seamlessly connected to any ERP/WMS.

Complementary Technology

AutoStore ports can easily be connected to automated conveyor systems. This enables a smooth transition to sub-systems such as automatic carton erectors, carton sealing machines, labelling machines, palletizers, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots).

Kardex offers modular IT concepts individually adapted to our customer’s intralogistics processes and warehouse requirements. These integrate into existing process environments or serve as superior control software. Kardex Mlog’s modular software solution Kardex Control Center manages material flow and warehouse management processes fast and efficiently.

AutoStore ports can also be operated fully automatically by integrated high speed pick and place robots. These are capable of running various AutoStore processes including pick to tote, pick to belt, pick to pallet, consolidation and replenishment. Using a unique, internally developed 3D vision software, the robots can precisely pick, process and place single items, carton boxes or full cases to and from any picking station. With a gantry solution, one pick and place robot can even operate several AutoStore ports at the same time, 24 hours a day at high speed. Taking the performance of AutoStore systems to the next level, pick and place robots contribute to an even higher profitability of the investment in warehouse automation.

Fully integrated AutoStore solutions | Kardex

Kardex can install the small parts storage solution AutoStore either as a stand-alone system or integrated into an overall logistics concept, including additional warehouse automation technology. AutoStore workstations ("Ports") can be operated manually or fully automatically by integrated Pick & Place robots. The Ports can easily be connected to automated conveyor systems. This enables a smooth transition to sub-systems such as automatic carton erectors, carton sealing machines, labelling machines, palletizers, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots).

Increase Storage Capacity with AutoStore | Kardex

AutoStore offers the highest storage density of any automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) on the market. It reduces space requirements by 75% compared to traditional storage with aisles and racking.

Step inside an AutoStore-powered warehouse and discover its innovative features including how:

  • It adapts to almost any geometric shape and size
  • It fits in and around structures such as columns, floors and special building structures
  • It optimizes building space using tunnels and narrow bridges
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
KardexKardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. This begins with the assessment of customer requirements and continues through planning, realization, and maintenance of customer-specific systems. It ensures a high level of availability combined with low total cost of ownership and operation. Approximately 2'100 employees in over 30 countries work for Kardex. Kardex Holding AG is listed on the Swiss SIX Stock Exchange since 1989.