Our people’s career journeys Grow and contribute at DKSH

  • Nisha Nair

    Florence Ng
    Manager, Client Management, DKSH Singapore

    We recognize the contributions our employees. We commend Florence Ng, Manager of the Client Management segment in our Business Unit Consumer Goods (BU CG). Florence proactively identifies business opportunities in her line of work and has delivered a record-breaking sales result of an all-time high in BU CG in Singapore in 2019. To celebrate her achievement, she was awarded the first “employee of the month” and kick-started this initiative to recognize successful individuals in BU CG. Florence shared earnestly that her mantra in life is to enjoy the journey and seize the opportunity to change things for the better. She also reminded us to never lose the passion and the love for what you do.

  • Nisha Nair

    Phyo Thida Oo
    Manager, Compensation & Benefits, DKSH Myanmar

    In my 13 years with DKSH, I have developed not only in my job and climbed the career ladder but also gained better knowledge and a broader perspective towards life. I have come across different challenges and I strongly believe that the structured learning, development processes and programs provided by DKSH help to grow and progress, thus providing equal opportunities for all employees including myself. I enjoy winning and staying hungry in DKSH, so I can lead by example for the future generation.

  • Nisha Nair

    Thipthaphone Chanthavong
    Supervisor, Marketing, DKSH Laos

    What a wonderful memory: last September, I celebrated my 20 years anniversary with DKSH Laos, Healthcare Business Unit. I started as a Sales Representative, taking on many different roles and responsibilities hereafter. Working with DKSH provides me the opportunity to have a positive impact that touches people’s lives. Being able to enjoy continuous learning and development in both my personal and career life has been my motivation to stay with DKSH for such a long time. Today, I have a challenging role as Assistant, General Manager, National Trade Sales, Customer Care Engagement, driving sales in trade and medical channels as well as customer care engagement performance. I am as engaged as ever and really happy to work with DKSH Laos.