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Armfield - Naval Architecture - NA8 Ships Stability Apparatus

The NA8 Ships Stability System is designed for the study of ship hydrostatics and stability. A comprehensive manual provides hydrostatic stability and other data for ship models and includes a number of experiments which are useful to students. Exercises are conducted on a 1/70 scale model of a general cargo vessel of 28,000-tonne ship mass. Rolling, righting and the effects of flooding various compartments may be studied. Optional alternative ships models are also available for study.

Demonstration Capabilities 

  • Inclining experiment
  • Influence of a free surface
  • Influence of a suspended mass (with the optional crane ship model)
  • Effect of flooding various compartments
  • Rolling experiments

Key Features

  • Apparatus designed to enable students to study ship hydrostatics and stability
  • Supply includes a water tank, a floating ship model, a dynamometer and a clinometer
  • The model supplied is a 1/70 scale model of a 28,000-tonne general cargo vessel
  • It includes a number of transverse watertight bulkheads in representative positions
  • The compartments are fitted with individual flooding valves
  • The model is constructed of glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
  • Models of other ships are available as optional accessories
  • The dynamometer measures the righting moment of the model
  • It holds the model at any angle of heel within the range, with the model either free to trim or with heeling axis kept horizontal
  • It exerts no vertical force on the model
  • It is floor standing, with castors and is supplied Complete with counterweights
  • Battery powered clinometer measures the inclination of the model, over the range of 0-45 degrees
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