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Grenova - Automated Pipette Tip Washer - TipNovus™

Have you ever thought about how many pipette tips you have thrown? What if there is a way to reuse these plastic consumables to reduce your biohazard waste, save costs, while being more sustainable for the environment?

TipNovus™ is a bench top, high throughput device that enables laboratories to wash and sanitize pipette tips for reuse. Tipnovus™ enables labs to re-use plastic pipette tips numerous times, cutting associated consumable costs by up to 96%. The unique method of wash and sanitation is safe for both the lab and the environment. 


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Wash Features

  • Four Cleaning Reagent Inputs: Enables the users to wash the consumables with the cleaning reagents of their choice.
  • High Pressurized Wash: Eliminates any large contaminants from pipette tip surfaces.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning: Removes and dissolves small contaminants and particles from pipette tip surfaces.
  • Tip Agitation: Improves the wash quality and overall cleaning process.
  • UV Sterilization: Kills and denature infectious diseases, DNA and bacterias from the pipette tip surfaces.

Pre-Dry Features

  • Tip Agitation: Eliminates large droplets and improves overall pre-drying process.
  • Heat-Fan Dry: Automated temperature control heated fan for optimal drying. 

TipNovus™ Series



Key Features

  • High Throughput Automated Tip Washer (4-tip boxes/wash cycle)
  • Robotic Arm Friendly 
  • Compatible with Manual and Automation Tips
  • System Throughput of 16-24 Tip Racks per hour
  • Configurable to 24, 48 and 96 format tip racks
Technical Specifications
Width 31 "
Height 19 "
Depth 29 "
Weight 115 lbs
Wash & Dry Throughput 4 tip racks per wash-dry cycle
16-24 tip racks per hour



TipNovusMini™ is an automated pipette tip washer that includes identical TipNovus cleaning and drying technology in a compact 1-rack system. The Mini has a considerable throughput, small footprint, and is capable of integration with most automated liquid handling robots.

Key Features

  • Automated Tip Washer (1 tip box/wash cycle) Integration compatible
  • Compatible with Manual and Automation Tips
  • System Throughput of 6-8 Tip Racks per hour
  • Configurable with 24, 48, 96 and 384 format tip racks


Technical Specifications
Width 16 "
Height 23 "
Depth 16 "
Weight 84 lbs
Wash & Dry Throughput 1 tip rack per wash-dry cycle
6-8 tip racks per hour


This is an Automated TipNovus™ (ATN) Package by Grenova, which is a fully integrated, turnkey tip washing solution designed to improve lab operations, speed, and impact while reducing waste. 


The integration of TipNovusMini to cut cost and waste by up to 90% in the life science labs.

GrenovaGrenova provides the life sciences industry with the only patented and scientifically proven green technology capable of washing and reusing plastic consumables to make labs sustainable, efficient, and resilient to supply chain disruptions. Over 100,000,000 pipette tips have been washed and reused by Grenova’s automated, high-throughput product line proving the safety and effectiveness of the only reuse technology available today.

Grenova has earned ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certification as part of the company’s mission to make laboratories around the world sustainable, resilient, cost-effective, and highly efficient. 
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