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Koehler - Tribology - ATF Lubricity Test Rig (BOCLE)

Covers the Assessment of the wear aspects of the boundary lubrication properties of aviation turbine fuels on rubbing steel surfaces. The test ball is pressed with a force of 10 N against the test ring. The test ring is made to rotate at 240 RPM for a period of 30 minutes after which the test stops. The wear scar on the test ball is studied and the scar diameters of the wear scar (major and minor axis) are measured. Data Acquisition Test parameters such as speed, test duration, fuel temperature, air temperature and humidity are acquired, displayed and recorded. The acquired data can be viewed in graphs. The data acquisition system provides the users with the facility to super impose up to four test graphs for comparative viewing.

Available models

Technical Specifications
Fluid Volume
50 ± 1.0 mL  
Fluid Temperature
25 ± 1 °C
Fluid Ambient Temperature
+ 5.0 to +35.0 °C
Conditioned Air
10 ± 0.2% relative humidity at 25±1 °C
Flow rate through Fluid
0.5 l/min
Flow rate over the fluid
Fluid Conditioning Time
15 min
Fluid Test Conditions
3.8 L/min flowing over the fluid
Applied Load
1000 g (500g weight) (±1g) 
Cylinder Rotational Speed
240 ± 0.5 rpm
Test Duration
30 ± 0.1 min 
Data Acquisition & Analyze
Motor speed, Fuel temperature, air temperature , humidity & test duration
Test Ring
Dia 49.25 to 49.10, Thk 13.11 to 13 (SAE 8720 Steel, Hardness 58 to 62 Rc, surface finish Rq 0.51 to 0.71 micron)
Test Ball
12.7mm (0.5 inch) (AISI 52100 Steel, Hardness 64 to 66 Rc)
  • Model No: K94190
  • 230V, 50Hz

Key features

  • Simple to use interface –digitally computer control of all instrument functions 
  • Standard ASTM D 5001 test sequence pre-loaded into ABT microprocessor controller – operator fits cleaned specimens, adds fuel sample & presses the ‘Start Test’ button
  • Automatic control of test sequence-no operator-included variability in test results
  • Automatic flow controllers for moist and dry air-no operator input required to control the humidity and flow rate of the conditioned air
  • PC based data logging of Motor speed, test duration, fuel temperature, air temperature, humidity recorded during the test & a summary printed out confirming that all parameters were within the specified limits
  • Interchangeable humidity & temperature probes-humidity and temperature measurement does not need to be re-calibrated-simply replace the combined relative humidity and temperature probe with an exchange pre-calibrated unit
  • Heating & Cooling System through Peltier Heating & Cooling System
  • Digital Microscope with Image Acquisition System & software
  • PC based data acquisition & analyze system of motor speed, test duration, fuel temperature, air temperature, humidity
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Mining & Minerals
  • Oil & Gas
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