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The spectral output from an UV LED source is narrow or monochromatic when compared to broadband (mercury) source. Each of EIT 2.0 LLC’s L-Bands (L-365, L-385, L-395 and L-405) has an optic response and dynamic range optimized for LEDs. Our patented Total Measured Optic Response in which ALL optics in the instrument are included in the instrument response result in better performance and repeatability; unit-to-unit, run-to-run and source-to-source.

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Radiometers provided calibrated irradiance (W/cm2) and energy density values (J/cm2) in one to four bands. Profiling Radiometers also provide the irradiance profile (W/cm2 as a function of time) which is useful to further understand the UV conditions and compare UV systems.

Available models

LEDMAP <sup>™</sup>

Features & Benefits

  • LED Profiling Radiometer that provides UV and Temperature Profiles in addition to irradiance (W/cm2) & energy density (J/cm2) values 
  • User adjustable sample rate (128-2048 Hz), 40 W/cm2 dynamic range, large memory, rechargeable batteries
  • ‘Pause’ feature allows user to create up to eight different files while on production floor
  • Supports high speed applications such as digital printers, transfers values to PowerView Software® III
  • Available in Single L-Band or Four L-Band (365, 385, 395, 405) versions
LEDCure<sup>®</sup> Four Band Profiler

Features & Benefits

  • LEDCure Profiler with all four of EIT 2.0 LLC’s L-Bands (L-365, L-385, L-395, L-405) in a single unit

  • Targeted for users (R&D, field service techs, source suppliers, formulators) who regularly work with different types of LEDs
  • Values on display plus the Irradiance Profile transfers to UV PowerView ®  III at an effective sample rate of 128 Hz
  • Patented Total Measured Optic Response in each L-Band provides extremely accurate, repeatable readings compared to a wide band instrument
  • The energy from an LED can show up in multiple L-bands. The user should use the values in the band matched to the LED and not sum the readings all bands

Features & Benefits

  • The EIT 2.0 LLC LEDCure Profiler has the display features of a single band LEDCure and downloads the irradiance profile to UV PowerView® III at 128 Hz
  • Allows comparison of  different LED sources to assess the impact of process changes (height, power level, process speed and/or exposure time)
  • Allows user to isolate an individual LED in a multi-LED system

EIT 2.0 LLC’s LEDCure® radiometers provide a patented Total Measured Optic Response. Everything in the instrument “optics stack” is included in the overall instrument response, not just the optical filter. The Total Measured Optic Response provides consistent, repeatable and accurate readings run to run, unit to unit and source to source.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use, provides Irradiance (W/cm2) and Energy Density (J/cm2) and Irradiiance Profile on the display
  • High dynamic range (40 W/cm2), user changable battery
  • Patented L-Band response includes All optics in the instrument for accurate and repeatable values 
  • L-Band specified at time of order:

L-365 Spectral Response covers 340-392 nm

L-385 Spectral Response covers 360-412 nm

L-395 Spectral Response covers 370-422 nm

L-405 Spectral Response covers 380-432 nm

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
EITFounded in 1977, EIT 2.0 evolved its mission in 2021 to focus on our core strengths: to provide creative engineering solutions to electronic manufacturing and to develop innovative technology to support needs in the areas of UV measurement, disinfection, and more. EIT 2.0’s management team has a broad base of experience in the design and production of electronic equipment. Backing up the senior service management team is a strong team of design and manufacturing engineers, technical specialists, program managers, buyers, and support staff.