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Keeping items and available space structured and organized minimizes search times and streamlines even the most complex work processes.

To achieve this, Kardex designed a wide range of special storage & transport boxes to meet every customer need. 

Benefits At A Glance

  • Change the layout easily

    You won't regret your decision when buying a Kardex Box. While competitor boxes require additional investments when storage demands change, you can easily rebuild and add to Kardex Boxes as needed over time.

  • Create a positive working environment

    Kardex Boxes offer a low noise level compared to other solutions. They prevent potential crashes within the system by stabilizing goods on the tray.

  • Store more than before

    The Kardex Box itself weighs very little because it is made from lightweight materials. This means you can load the tray with more goods than comparable box solutions allow. Its intelligent dividing system also maximizes space.

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Available models

Technical Specifications
  • VCM Box 4-2-1

Outside 425 x 200 x 95 mm

Inside 398 (382) × 175 × 87 mm

  • VCM Box 5-2-1

Outside 525 × 200 x 95 mm

Inside 498 (482) × 175 × 87 mm

  • VCM Box 6-2-1

Outside 625 x 200 x 95 mm

Inside 598 (582) × 175 × 87 mm

  • VCM Box 4-4-1

Outside 425 × 400 × 95 mm

Inside 398 (382) × 375 × 87 mm

  • VCM Box 5-4-1

Outside 525 × 400 x 95 mm

Inside 498 (482) × 375 × 87 mm

  • VCM Box 6-4-1

Outside 625 × 400 x 95 mm

Inside 598 (582) × 375 × 87 mm

Weight (empty box)
  • VCM Box 4-2-1

550 g

  • VCM Box 5-2-1

660 g

  • VCM Box 6-2-1

788 g

  • VCM Box 4-4-1

940 g

  • VCM Box 5-4-1

1100 g

  • VCM Box 6-4-1

1250 g

  • VCM Box 4-2-1


  • VCM Box 5-2-1


  • VCM Box 6-2-1


  • VCM Box 4-4-1


  • VCM Box 5-4-1


  • VCM Box 6-4-1


Elevation grid of the frames
  • 95 mm

(1 divider 95 mm)

  • 145 mm

(1 divider 145 mm)

  • 210 mm

(1 divider 145 mm + 1 divider 65 mm)

  • 275 mm

(1 divider 145 mm + 2 dividers 65 mm)

  • 340 mm

(1 divider 145 mm + 3 dividers 65 mm)

  • 405 mm

(1 divider 145 mm + 4 dividers 65 mm)

  • 470 mm

(1 divider 145 mm

Polypropylen (PP)
Silver fir blue 230/60/15
Up to 35 kg

Modular storage boxes including dividing system.

The box is perfectly adapted for the Vertical Carousel Module (VCM). Storage boxes flexibly divide and quickly adapt at any time by using cross and longitudinal dividers. The height of the Kardex VCM Box extends by using clip-on frames. The cross and longitudinal dividers are also available in different heights.

Technical Specifications
638 mm x 438 mm x 138 mm
Grid size for dividers
50 mm (up to a maximum height of 388 mm)
Empty weight (without transverse/ longitudinal dividers and clip-on frames)
Available up to a box height of 288 mm (box + 3 clip-on frames)
Box, Frames and Divider: Silver Fir Blue 230/60/15
Up to 35 kg

An innovative storage and transport box - flexible, robust, and meticulously designed to fit warehouse needs.

The Kardex VBM Box is a storage and transport box that includes a divider system. With dimensions measuring 640 x 440 x 140 mm, the box is perfect for the Vertical Buffer Module. Storage boxes flexibly divide and quickly adapt at any time using transverse and longitudinal dividers. The height of the Kardex VBM Box extends in a 50 mm grid using push-on frames. The transverse and longitudinal dividers come in different heights.

Technical Specifications
800 mm x 600 mm × 47 mm
Weight (empty box)
1.32 kg
Elevation Grid of the frames
  • 48 mm (base box)
  • 98 mm (base box + 1 frame)
  • 148 mm (base box + 2 frames)
  • 198 mm (base box + 3 frames)
Vertical grid size for clip-on frames
50 mm (up to a maximum height of 200 mm)
Box and Frame: Polypropylen (PP) Divider: PET/SAN
Box and Frame: Silver Fir Blue 230/60/15 Divider: Transparent

A solution customized for your business.

The modular bin system made especially for the Vertical Lift Module is flexible in height, width, and depth, and the layout adapts as your storage demands change. With the Kardex VLM Box system, it is possible to create over 300 different location types with just one dividing system.


Kardex VLM Box – StartKits

The StartKit provides a wide range of different location types. It allows the opportunity to kick-start space-saving and discovers which location types fit your needs. The StartKit is foolproof once you know which location types you need, simply custom order exactly what you require. 

Choose between three different StartKits depending on the height of the stored goods and then the size of the kit: small or big.


StartKit 1

The kit for varying heights. Kardex´s most popular StartKit consists of 100 base boxes that together with a number of frames and dividers provide up to over 2,000 locations in 33 different bin sizes. It offers low and high location heights of 50 to 200 mm.

Choose between:

  • StartKit 1 – small
  • StartKit 1 – big

StartKit 2

Perfect mix for lower location heights of 50 to 150 mm. Same concept as StartKit 1.

Choose between:

  • StartKit 2 – small
  • StartKit 2 – big

StartKit 3

Best for higher locations starting from 100 mm. With 100 base boxes and 225 frames, StartKit 3 is focused on the storage of higher goods with 100 mm – 200 mm.

Choose between:

  • StartKit 3 – small
  • StartKit 3 – big

Key Features

Customer Needs

  • Increased productivity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Higher flexibility
  • Optimized storage area and volume

Benefits at a glance

  • Effective use of available storage space
  • Flexible and scalable box system
  • Optimal adaptation to customer needs
  • Complete solution from Kardex
  • Higher storage volume compared to standard boxes
  • Increased availability

Divider concept

  • New smart plug-in system with an EasyClick system
  • High flexibility in height, width and depth
  • Environment-friendly concept
  • Higher storage capacity with a smaller number of boxes
  • Larger volume compared to standard Euro boxes on the market
  • Optionally available with drainage holes (allowed for sprinkler systems)
  • Silent box with double base (approved for conveyor technology)
  • Subdivisions coordinate with the Kardex Power Pick System warehouse management system
  • Suitable for storage of cartons measuring 600 x 400 mm or Euro boxes with dimensions 400 x 300, 300 x 200, or 200 x 150 mm

Kardex VLM Box Spacer

Add-on for 864 mm deep trays

  • Optimizes tray space

    The Kardex VLM Box Spacer optimally uses otherwise lost space and offers 6% more space utilization compared to 813 mm deep trays. It puts a Kardex VLM Box in the right position on deeper trays and reduces picking errors. Via a click system, it easily connects to a Kardex VLM Box.

  • Flexible use

    Construct up to 6 small container positions per Kardex VLM Box Spacer with the same width as the Kardex VLM Box or store long parts across the entire width of the tray. A rounded bottom also offers ergonomic picking of small parts.

Modular Storage Box with Divider System | Kardex Kardex VCM Box

The Kardex VCM Box is a storage box that includes a flexible divider system. Boxes easily divide and quickly adapt at any time using cross and longitudinal dividers. Discover the numerous benefits of the Kardex VCM Box and see how it adapts to customers’ needs, increases availability, and effectively uses available storage space.

Warehouse Storage and Transport Containers | Kardex Kardex VBM Box

Discover a storage and transport container with a divider system - the Kardex VBM Box. Users easily separate bins using flexible transverse and longitudinal dividers. Learn why the Kardex VBM Box has a higher storage capacity than standard Euro boxes and watch how it increases storage space by 35%.

Manage Warehouse Stock Efficiently | Kardex Kardex VLM Box

The Kardex VLM Box increases stock capacity up to 25%. It is flexible in height, width, and depth, creating over 300 storage options in just one box. Check out how the Kardex VLM Box works and how efficiently it adapts to your inventory changes and needs.

  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Electronics
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
KardexKardex is a global industry partner for intralogistics solutions and a leading supplier of automated storage solutions and material handling systems. This begins with the assessment of customer requirements and continues through planning, realization, and maintenance of customer-specific systems. It ensures a high level of availability combined with low total cost of ownership and operation. Approximately 2'100 employees in over 30 countries work for Kardex. Kardex Holding AG is listed on the Swiss SIX Stock Exchange since 1989.