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The TRA series is the outcome of realizing Econology and offers the best performance. Satisfying the economic effectiveness and practicality of your business.

Key Features

  • Realize ultra-low power consumption to reduce CO2
  • Partial start-up controlling heater in multi stages
  • Weekly timer
  • Realize the lowest temperature deviation applied with temperature control system of the latest ultra-uniform
  • Maximize Flux emission capacity with mounting exclusive emission fan of eliminating Flux inside of oven

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Main Functions

Output Monitoring of Heater Control Detecting a problem in advance by checking normal operation of heater and displaving heater output on MMI
Monitoring a number of rotations of B/M Real time monitoring spinning numbers ot B/M and checking normal operation status of motor spinning in each zone and alarm function applied
Convenient Monitor Configuration Improve user convenience with Intuitive easy-to-see configuration of required information
RTPM With temperature measurement inside of oven in real time, provision of temperature related information when changing models does not require checking profile
Removal or flux inside the oven Maximizes the flux discharge capacity by installing a fan dedicated to the removal of flux inside the oven
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
TSMTSM has been produced for Reflow Oven and Nitrogen generator with a representative model, Full Auto Soldering Machine since the company’s foundation in 1990.