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Brands we repair

DKSH repairs all makes and models, below is a list of manufacturers that we repair. If your spindle is not listed here, chances are our dynamic and experienced team of engineers can restore your spindle. Contact us for a free quote and we will get your spindle up and running in no time.

We repair the following brands:

DMG Turning Center Repair:

  • DMG NEF Series, CTX Series, NL Series, NLX Series, CL Series, SL Series, DuraTurn Series, DGM CTX TC Series, DMG NT Series, DMG ecoTurn Series
  • DMG NTX Series, DMG CTX 4A Series,DMG NZX-S Series, DMG NZX Series, DMG CTV Series, DMG NVL Series,DMG VL Series, DMG SPRINT Series, DMG MSL Series, DMG GM Series, DMG GMC Series

DMG Milling Machine Repair:

  • DMG DMU Series, DMG DMF Series, DMG HSC Series, DMG ecoMill

DMG 5-axis Machining Center Repair:

  • DMG DMU eVo Series, DMU monoBLOCK Series, DMU P duoBLOCK, DMU P Portal Series, DMG DMU FD duoBLOCK Series, DMG DMU FD Portal Series, NMV Series, DIXI Series
  • DMG DMC monoBLOCK Series, DMG DMC U duoBLOCK Series, DMG DMC duoBlock Series, DMG DMC U Portral Series, DMG DMC FD duoBLOCK Series, DMG DMC FD Portal Series, DMG NMH Series

Vertical Machining Center Repair:

  • DMG DMC V Series, DMG NVX Series, DMG NV Series, DMG NVD Series, DMG MAX Series, DMG DuraVertical Series, DMG ecoMILL V Series

Horizontal Machining Center Repair:

  • DMG NHX Series, DMG DIXI JIG Series, DMG DIXI DHP Series, duoBLOCK, DMG DMC H linear Series,DMG i-SERIES
  • Doosan Infracore Lynx 220, Lynx 220, Lynx 220G super, Lynx 300, PUMA 2100, PUMA 2600, PUMA 3100, PUMA 240, PUMA 280, PUMA 300, PUMA 400, PUMA 480, PUMA 600, PUMA 700, PUMA 800
  • Doosan Infracore PUMA TT1500, PUMA TT1800, PUMA TT2500, PUMA TL2000, PUMA TL2500, PUMA MX1600, PUMA MX2100, PUMA MX2600, PUMA MX3100
  • Doosan Infracore PUMA V400, PUMA V550, PUMA VT450, PUMA VT750, PUMA VT900, PUMA VT1100, PUMA VTS1214, PUMA VTS1620, PUMA INVERTURN 3000
  • Doosan Infracore PUMA AW560, PUMA AW660, PUMA VAW700, PUMA VAW800, PUMA HT230T, PUMA H250T, QL200H, PUMA H310T, QL300H
  • Doosan Infracore DT 360, DDT 400, DNM 400α, 500α, DNM 400, 500, 650, 650, PDNM 400HS, 500HS, 650HS, DNM 750L, Mynx 5400, Mynx 6500, Mynx 7500
  • Doosan Infracore VC 430, VC 510, DVM 500, DVM 650, VM 5400, 6500, VM 560, VM 750, VM 960, VM 1260, NX 4500, NX 5500, NX 6500
  • Doosan Infracore NX 500/5AX, VC 630/5AX, DNM 350/5AX, HC 400, HC 500, HP 4000, HP 5100, HP 5500, HP 6300, NHP 6300, NHM 5000, NHM 6300, NHM 8000, HM 1000, HM 1250, HM 5000, HM 6300, HM 8000
  • Doosan Infracore DBC110S, DBC110, DBC130, DBC250, DBD 1270/1570, DCM 2740, DCM 2750, DCM 2760, DCM 3250,
  • Doosan Infracore DCM 3260, DCM 3280, DCM 3780, DCM 37100, BM2740, PUMA ST20G, PUMA ST32G
  • Fanuc i series
  • Fanuc Bi series
  • Fanuc DiS series
  • Fanuc LiS series
  • Fanuc ALPHAi series
  • Fanuc ALPHAi-B series
  • Fanuc BETAi series
  • Fanuc BETAi-B series
  • Fanuc BETAiSVSP-B
  • Fanuc ROBODRILL DDR series
  • Fanuc ROBODRILL DDR-T series
  • Fanuc ROBOSHOT series
  • Fanuc ROBOCUT series
  • Haas VF-1, VF1-1YT, VF-2, VF2-YT, VF-3, VF-3YT, VF-4, VF-5/40, VF-5/40XT, VF-6/40, VF-8/40, VF-7/40, VF-9/40, VF-10/40, VF-11/40, VF-12/40
  • Haas VF-3YT/50, VF-5/50, VF-5/50XT, VF-6/50, VF-8/50, VF-7/50, VF-9/50, VF-10/50, VF-11/50, VF-12/50, UNC-750
  • Haas VF-2SS, VF-2SSYT, VF-3SS, VF-3SSYT, VF-4SS, VF-5SS, VF-6SS, VM-2, VM-3, VM-6, DT-1, MDC-500, , VF-2TR, VF-5/40TR, VF-5/50TR, VF-6/40TR, UMC-750, VF-6/50TR, VR-8, VR-11B
  • Haas EC-1600, EC-1600YZT, ES-5-4AX, ES-5-4T, HS-3R, EC-300, EC-400, EC-400PP, EC-500
  • Haas OL-1, TL-1, TL-2, TL-3, TL-3W, TL-3B, ST-10, ST-20, ST20SS, ST-30, ST-30SS, ST-40, ST-40L, ST-20SS, ST-20SSY, ST-30SS, ST-30SSY
  • Haas ST-30SS, ST-30SSY, DS-30, DS-30SS, DS-30SSY, DS-30Y, ST-10Y, ST-20Y, ST-20SSY, ST-30SSY, ST-30Y, ST-30Y, ST-30SSY
  • Hurco VMX series, VM10U, VM10UHSi, VMX30U, VMX42SRTi, VMX42SR, VMX60SR, VMX24HSi, VMX42HSi, VMX24, VMX30, VMX42
  • Hurco VMX42U, VMX60U, VTXU, VMX42SW, VMX60SW, VMX50, VMX50-50t, VMX50i, VMX60, VMX60-50t, VMX64, VMX64-50T, VMX84, VMX84-50t
  • Hurco VM Series, VM10U, VM10UHSi, VM5i, VM10, VM10i, VM20, VM20i, VM30,  VM10HSi
  • Hurco DCX Series, DCX22-40T, DCX22-50T, DCX32
  • Hurco HMX Series, HMX400, HMX500, HMX630
  • Hurco TM series, TMM8, TMM10, TM6, TM8, TM10, TMX8, TMX10, TM12, TM18, TM18L

Makino Horizontal Machining Centers:

  • Makino A Series, A55, A66, A77, A88, A99, A99E, A100E
  • Makino 1 Series, a51, a51nx, a61, a61nx, a71, a81, a81M, a81nx, a82, a82M, a92
  • Makino J Series, J3, J55 SA, J55 ISO, J4M
  • Makino MCC Series, MCC2013, MCC2513, MCC2516, MCC3018
  • Makino MCD Series, MCD3018, MCD2516, MCD1816, MCD1513
  • Makino N Series, N2

Makino Horizontal 5-Axis Machining Centers:

  • Makino 1 Series, a51nx-5XU, a61nx-5E
  • Makino G Series, G5, G7
  • Makino MAG Series, MAG1, MAG3, MAG3.H, MAG3.EX, A7
  • Makino MCC Series, MCC2013-VG, MCC2516-VG, MCC3016-VG
  • Makino MCD Series, MCD1516-5XA, MCD2016-5XA, MCD2516-5XB
  • Makino N Series, N2-5XA
  • Makino T Series, T1, T2, T4

Makino Vertical Machining Centers:

  • Makino F Series, F3, F5, F8, F9
  • Makino GF Series
  • Slim 3
  • Slim 3n

Makino Vertical 5-axis Machining Centers:

  • Makino v33, Makino J55, J88
  • Makino Jet 50, Makino Mag
  • Mazak Variaxis 630, Variaxis 400, Variaxis 730
  • Mazak VTC 20B, VTC 300-C, VTC 800
  • Mazak INTEGREX Series, 400-IV, 300-IV, 200-IV, 100-IV
  • Mazak H 630, H 800, H 400
  • Mazak Nexus HCN, HCN 10800, HCN 8800, HCN 6800, HCN 4000
  • Mazak Nexus VCN Series,
  • Mazak QT 15, QT 20, QT 250, QT 300,
  • Mazak QTN 450, QTN 200, QTN 550, QTN 6100, QTN 6200
  • Mazak VARIAXIS Series
  • Mazak VERSATECH Series
  • Mazak HYPERQUADREX Series
  • Mori Seiki NVX Series, NVX5000II, NVX7000, Mori Seiki MILLTAP 700, DMC 635 V ecoline
  • Mori Seiki NV Series, NV4000 DCG, NV5000 DCG
  • Mori Seiki DuraVertical Series, DuraVertical 5060, DuraVertical 5080, DuraVertical 5100
  • Mori Seiki NVD1500 DCG, NVD5000, NVD5000, NVD6000
  • Mori Seiki UTILIMILL V3000, Mori Seiki MAX3000
  • Mori Seiki NHX Series, NHX10000, NHX8000, NHX6300, NHX5500, NHX4000
  • Mori Seiki NH Series, NH4000 DCG, NH5000 DCG/40, NH5000/50
  • Mori Seiki NTX Series, NTX2000/1500, NTX2000/1500T, NTX2000/1500TZ, NTX2000/1500TZM, NTX2000/1500S, NTX2000/1500SZ, NTX2000/1500SZM
  • Mori Seiki NTX1000, NTX1000/C, NTX1000/T, NTX1000/W, NTX1000WZ, NTX1000WZM, NTX1000S, NTX1000SZ, NTX1000SZM
  • Mori Seiki NT3150 DCG, NT3200 DCG, NT4200 DCG, NT4250 DCG,NT4300 DCG, NT5400 DCG, NT6600 DCG
  • Mori Seiki NZX Series, NZX1500, NZX2000, NZX2500, NZX4000, NZX6000
  • Mori Seiki NZX-S Series, NZX-S1500, NZX-S1500/500, NZX-S/1500
  • Mori Seiki NMV Series, NMV3000 DCG, NMV5000 DCG, NMV8000 DCG, NMV8000/40 DCG, NMV8000/50 DCG
  • Mori Seiki DMU eVo Series, DMU 60 eVo, DMU 50 econline
  • Mori Seiki NMH Series, NMH6300 DCG, NMH10000 DCG
  • Mori Seiki MH630, MH63, MH50, MH500, MH40, MH1000,
  • Mori Seiki MV JR, MV35, MV55
  • Mori Seiki NH5000, NH4000, NH5000DCG,
  • Mori Seiki NV series, Mori Seiki CL series, Mori Seiki DL Series, Mori Seiki MT Series,
  • Mori Seiki NLX Series, NLX1500, NLX2000, NLX3000, NLX4000
  • Mori Seiki NL Series, NL2500, NL3000, NL3000MC, NL3000Y
  • Mori Seiki NVL Series, NVL1350, NVL1350T, NVL1350MC
  • Mori Seiki VL Series, VL 253A1, VL 253A2, VL 553 II, VL 553MC II
  • Mori Seiki Ecoline Series, CTX 310 ecoline V1, CTX 310 ecoline V3
  • Mori Seiki DuraTurn Series,DuraTurnMori 2030, DuraTurn 2050, DuraTurn 2050MC, DuraTurn 2550, DuraTurn 2550MC
  • Mori Seiki SL Series, SL 403, SL 603, SL 803
  • Mori Seiki CL Series, CL1500, CL2000, CL-253A, CL-253B
  • Mori Seiki SV Series, Mori Seiki SL Series, and nearly every Mori Seiki spindle in service today.
  • Okamoto ACC-DX series, Okamoto ACC-SA series, Okamoto ACC-618DX series, Okamoto ACC-818NC series, Okamoto ACC-DXNC series, Okamoto ACC-EX series, Okamoto ACC-CA series, Okamoto ACC-CHiQ series, Okamoto ACC-CHNC series,
  • Okamoto DCG series
  • Okamoto PRG-DX series, Okamoto PRG-DXNC series
  • Okamoto IGM series, IGM-2MB, IGM-15NCIII, IGM-15NCIII/2
  • Okamoto OGM series, OGM-820UDX, OGM-III series, OGM-NCIII series
  • Okamoto E series
  • Okamoto Linear B series
  • Okamoto Saddle DX series
  • Okuma GENOS M Series, GENOS M460-VE, GENOS M560-V
  • Okuma MB-V Series, MB-46V, MB-46VE, MB-56V, MB-66V
  • Okuma MF-V Series, MF-46V
  • Okuma MA-V Series, MA-550V, MA-650V
  • Okuma MILLAC-V Series, MILLAC 44V, MILLAC 561V, MILLAC 761V, MILLAC 852V, MILLAC 1052V
  • Okuma MA-H Series, MA-400H, MA-800H
  • Okuma MA-H-II Series, MA-500HII, MA-600HII
  • Okuma MB-H Series, MB-4000H, MB-5000H, MB-8000H, MB-1000H
  • Okuma MILLAC-H Series, MILLAC 44H, Okuma MILLAC 33TU, Okuma MILLAC 853PF-5X
  • Okuma MILLAC-VH Series, MILLAC 800VH, MILLAC 1000VH
  • Okuma MU-H Series, MU-10000H, Okuma VTT-70
  • Okuma MU-V Series MU-400VII, MU-500VII, MU-6300V
  • Okuma GI Series, GI-10N, GI-20N
  • Okuma GA/GP-T Series, GA/GP-25T, GA/GP-26T
  • Okuma GA/GP-FII Series, GA/GP-34-FII, GA/GP-36-FII, GA/GP-44-FII, GA/GP-47-FII,
  • Okuma GENOS L Series, GENOS L200-EMY, GENOS L250, GENOS L300-M, GENOS L400
  • Okuma LB EX Series, LB2000 EX, LB2500 EX, LB3000 EX, LB4000 EX
  • Okuma LB Series, LB35II, LB45II, Okuma LU EX Series, LU3000 EX
  • Okuma LU Series, LU35, LU45, LU300, LU400
  • Okuma LT EX Series, LT2000 EX, LT3000 EX
  • Okuma MACTURN Series, MACTURN 250, MACTURN 350, MACTURN 550
  • Okuma LOC Series, LOC500, LOC650
  • Okuma 2SP-H Series, 2SP-150H, 2SP-250H, Okuma LH-55
  • Okuma 1SP-V Series, V40R, V60R, V80R, V100R
  • Okuma 2SP-V Series, 2SP-V40, 2SP-V60, 2SP-V80, MILLAC 33T
  • Okuma VTM Series, VTM-5, VTM-100, VTM-200
  • Okuma VTM-YB Series, VTM-80YB, VTM-120YB, VTM-200YB, VTM-1200YB
  • Okuma Cadet, Okuma MX 45, MX 50, MX 60, Okuma MV Series

YCM Vertical Machining Center Repair:

  • YCM FV Series, FV56A, FV56T, FV125A, FV56A-APC, FV56T-APC
  • YCM NSV Series, NSV66A, NSV85A, NSV102A, NSV102AM, NSV156A
  • YCM NTV Series, NTV158A, NTV158B
  • YCM WV Series, WV108A, WV108B
  • YCM FX Series, FX380A
  • YCM NXV Series, NXV1020A, NXV1020A, NXV1020M, NXV1020AM, NXV1680A
  • YCM DV Series, DV30T
  • YCM NDV Series, NDV66A, NDV85A, NDV102A
  • YCM TV Series, TV116B, TV146A, TV146B, TV158B, TV188B
  • YCM MV Series, MV66A, MV76A, MV86A, MV106A
  • YCM TCV2000A, TCV3000A-5AF, TCV3000A-5AX, YCM FV50T
  • YCM NMV Series, NMV106A, NMV106A
  • YCM FP Series, FP66A, FP100A, FP55LX, FP66G
  • YCM DCV Series, DCV2012A, DCV2012B, DCV3016B, DCV4016B, DCV3021B
  • YCM NDC Series, NDC2016B, NDC3016B, NDC3018-AHC
  • YCM NFP Series, NFP66A

YCM Horizontal Machining Center Spindle Repair:

  • YCM H Series, H500A, H500B, H800B, H60B, H2612B
  • YCM BMP Series, BMP1416B
  • YCM NH Series, NH450A, NH800B

YCM Turning Center Spindle Repair:

  • YCM GT Series, GT200A, GT200B, GT200MA, GT250A, GT250B, GT250MA, GT250MB, GT300A, GT300B, GT300LB, GT300MA, GT300MB, GT300LMB, GT380A, GT380B, GT380LA, GT380LB
  • YCM NT Series, NT-2000Y, NT-2000SY, NT-2500SY
  • YCM TC Series, TC-16A, TC-16LA, TC-16B, TC-16LB, TC-16MA, TC-16LMA, TC-16MB, TC-16LMB, TC-26, TC-26L, TC-36, TC-36W, TC-46/1000, TC-46M/1000, TC-46/1650, TC-46M/1650, TC-46/2300, TC-46M/2300, TC-46/3200, TC-46M/3200
  • Dahlih
  • Feeler Spindle Repair
  • Finetech Spindle Repair
  • Goodway Spindle Repair
  • IBAG
  • Leadwell Spindle Repair