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Spindle Type

We understand the importance of having long lasting repair. With our expert technicians and state-of-art facilities we bring you the best spindle repair services that mostly comes with filed balancing to minimise the imbalance of your spindle and increase its service life.


Our highly-specialized engineers are able to repair Motorized Spindle from HMC, VMC, Turning Center, Grinding Machines and other machine tools from all types of industries. With our state-of-art facilities we can accurately balance your spindle to prevent excessive vibration in the future, which can cause wear on your spindle in the long run. We ensure that all the functions of your Motorized spindle meets the OEM specification.


*Stator Winding Services

DKSH also offer professional high quality stator winding services. Our stator rewinds are done by hand by professional technicians using the highest quality high temperature rated magnet wire and durable insulating epoxy. 


At DKSH, we can repair your Belt Driven spindle from any HMC, VMC, Turning Center, Grinding Machine and even the less common types of spindles. 

Our advanced facilities allows us to test all aspects of the Belt Driven spindle and even the most complicated Belt Driven CNC Spindles, with reduced lead time and cost. Even if your spindle’s pulley is damaged our skilled technicians have the capabilities to fix it. 


Repairing a Gear Driven spindle requires quality resources, skills and knowledge. Our experienced engineers can repair your Gear Driven spindle from any HMC, VMC, Turning Center, Machine and other types of spindles. Our highly-developed repair facilities can rework the damaged spline in your spindle shaft and we can requalify your gear driven spindle to make sure it is working optimally.

In the test field area, each spindle is connected to a high frequency drive and bearing lubrication system. The spindle bearings are then run-in, gradually increasing spindle RPM until the maximum speed is reached. This process may take many hours. At regular intervals, critical spindle operating parameters are checked and recorded, including housing temperature, vibration, current, and taper run-out. 

DKSH direct drive spindle repair

Direct drive spindle is coupled directly to the motor and has a nice surface finish, which allows smooth and quiet operation. Some of these spindles have coolant running through them, coolant ingression can damage bearings. When the lubricants are washed out by the coolant, overheating can occur. Our skilled technicians can replace your bearings and get them back in working order.

DKSH CNC lathe driven tool spindle repair

Maximizing the life of your tooling requires knowledge of an extensive line of bearings and assembly procedures. Our engineers at DKSH possess the know-hows and specialize in rebuilding driven tooling for your CNC turning center. We are capable of rebuilding virtually every make and model of driven tools.

Your spindle is as unique as your process. Each rebuilt spindle is hand crafted to achieve maximum accuracy and optimum performance, ensuring a long life for your machine. Through our industry-leading spindle repair program, we can promptly and efficiently address your spindle needs to ensure that your operations run as smoothly as possible.

  • Gantry mill spindle repair
  • Router spindle repair
  • Spindle motor repair
  • Woodworking spindle repair
  • Hmc spindle repair
  • Vmc spindle repair
  • Turning spindle repair
  • Grinding spindle repair
  • Air bearing spindles