Our people’s career journeys Grow and contribute at DKSH

  • Shamus Siau
    Senior Manager, Business Development, DKSH Malaysia

    I’ve been with DKSH since 2011, starting as Management Trainee, moving through positions in Sales, Client Management and now Business Development. I’ve had the privilege to work with many experienced people throughout my stint and each one contributed to my journey in the DKSH family. One phrase that really stuck with me throughout this ride is ‘we’ll cross the bridge when we get to it’. As much as we want to have everything planned out in detail, we must recognize that we work in a fast-paced industry where events can change quickly, and we must be able to react to those changes in order to thrive in this industry.

  • Felicia Ng Ka Ian
    Supervisor, Medical Sales, DKSH Hong Kong

    Felicia recalled her remarkable experience for branching out a client. Upon a thorough review of her existing and potential clients’ portfolio, her mind was set to promote and expand sales for an analgesic patch brand in Macau. Leveraging with Victor Wong’s expertise, the Sales Manager of Healthcare, DKSH Hong Kong, Felicia has successfully introduced the product into the emergency sector by engaging with a renowned local hospital and by increasing local pharmacies’ consumption—a decision resulting from a careful observation for the increasing usage of the former and rising consumption for the latter due to the changing patients’ purchasing behavior. In a few months, Felicia meets both the total sales volume target and achieves beyond it. She added, “Opportunities are everywhere. You just need to open your eyes and seek them.”

  • Virbhadra Singh
    Assistant Manager, Technical Sales, Specialty Chemicals Industry, DKSH India

    DKSH has offered me a versatile platform to perform, grow and take on challenging business responsibilities. The learning and development opportunities provided have driven both my professional and personal growth. Here, I am constantly empowered to take charge of operational activities and hands-on business decisions independently, which has instilled immense confidence in me to drive myself fearlessly. The last five years have brought a wonderful transformation in me, delegated with new responsibilities, starting from handling key accounts to managing internal and external stakeholders. My newly gained self-confidence made a great impact on my entrepreneurial skills, enabling me to focus on my career by taking on new challenges and responsibilities. The trust and faith of our management in us has continuously boosted and motivated me to stay hungry and to perform better. I feel passionate, empowered and engaged in delivering growth and owning business responsibilities.