Sustainability Drives Development for DKSH Performance Materials in Vietnam  Listen with ReadSpeaker

DKSH steps up its sustainable practices in Vietnam to become an environmentally-friendly organization that protects its people, planet, and partners.

Sustainability refers to meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In several industries, sustainability is practiced as a norm. However, the chemical industry and related businesses face challenges in implementing this concept. The global chemical industry, as the world's fifth-largest manufacturing sector, plays a vital role in the economies of several countries.  
We look at how DKSH Performance Materials is implementing various strategies to achieve sustainable development within Vietnam’s chemical industry.  

Strategic Approach Toward Sustainability 

As a company committed to protecting the environment, DKSH has taken a holistic approach to develop, implement, and ensure long-lasting, sustainable development in Vietnam.

“Sustainability is one of DKSH's core values, and its implementation is accelerated by a strategic approach based on enriching people’s lives through our four key pillars: Flourishing People, Sustainable Value Chains, Climate Neutrality, and Positive Local Impact, wherein we focus simultaneously on all facets,” said Hoang To Nga, General Manager, Business Unit Performance Materials, DKSH Vietnam.

She added: “We aim to introduce environmentally-friendly production processes, increase our natural ingredients portfolio, and provide sustainable solutions to our clients and customers."  

DKSH Vietnam has implemented several initiatives as part of its group-wide sustainability strategy: 


At DKSH, the environment is always a top priority while developing strategies. We implement sustainable solutions that promote waste and recycling management through the Self-Monitoring Report program. We also encourage employees to reduce paper usage and utilize our strong portfolio of digital systems, including DKSH Discover, our award-winning, online customer-facing portal. 

Eco-Friendly Innovations 

DKSH Performance Materials works across four Business Lines (Food & Beverage, Specialty Chemicals, Personal Care, and Pharmaceutical), making it even more essential to showcase our sustainable approaches within the formulations and products we develop. We focus on building an eco-friendly, vegan, upcycled product portfolio, including creating outstanding innovative and environmentally-friendly formulations.  

The theme of our annual DKSH Vietnam Beauty Show this year is "L’Amore de la Beauty". The event showcases a collection of innovative formulations to support our sustainability goals. The event also features products from over 100 companies across Vietnam who collaborate with us in our collective goal to protect the environment. 

Sustainable Work Culture 

At DKSH Vietnam, we recognize that a sustainable work culture promotes a healthy working environment for our employees. We encourage principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are proud that women comprise more than 50 percent of DKSH Vietnam's Business Unit Performance Materials workforce. 
Hoang added: "At DKSH Vietnam, we are responsible for protecting our people, planet, and partners. We create specific goals and methodologies to optimize our operation, management, and development processes."  

To know more about our sustainable approach, contact DKSH Vietnam.