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Scientific Instrumentation

As governments and private companies in Asia are increasing their investments in research and development as well as in production capacity and capability, laboratories are facing an increasing demand to produce more accurate results in less time at a reduced cost.

With a complete portfolio of instruments, general equipment, consumables, applications and services, Scientific Instrumentation offers our customers total solutions that help to solve complex challenges, improve results and increase productivity. Our solutions include the latest technological innovations to support universities, public and private research institutes, hospitals and industrial and commercial companies. Our solutions approach enables us to design, build, equip and service entire laboratories of our customers. We provide solutions for both laboratory and in-process applications which are used in a wide variety of industries such as material science, oil and gas, environmental, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and life science.

Our partners You get access to innovative technology and best-in-class products in the industry.

Our products

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Agilent Spectrophometer

Agilent UV-Vis
Cary 60
Cary 100
Cary 300
Cary 4000
Cary 5000
Cary 6000i
Cary 7000

Agilent Fuorescence
Cary Eclipse

Agilent FT-IR
4500 Series Portable FTIR Analyzers
5500 Series Compact FTIR Analyzers
Cary 630 FTIR Spectrometer
Cary 660 FTIR Spectrometer
Cary 670 FTIR Spectrometer

ICP-MS Series
7800 ICP-MS
7900 ICP-MS

8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS 

Agilent AAS
55B AA
240 AA
240FS AA
280FS AA
GTA120 Graphite Tube Atomizer  
240Z AA
280Z AA

Agilent DUO

Agilent MP-AES
4200 MP-AES

Agilent ICP-OES
5100 ICP-OES

Malvern Panalytical
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Zetium
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Axios FAST
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Epsilon 1
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer Epsilon 4
X-Ray Diffractometer Empyrean
X-Ray Diffractometer X'Pert3 Powder 
X-Ray Diffractometer X'Pert3 MRD & MRD (XL)
X-Ray Diffractometer CubiX3
Sample preparation for XRF Eagon 2
Sample preparation by fusion for XRF Claisse LeNeo
Near-Infrared Spectrometer ASD TerraSpec Halo
Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry - Omnisec
Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry - Viscotek
Microcal Microcalorimeter 
Viscosizer TD
Particle Size Analyzer - Insitec
Particle Size Analyzer - Nanosight
Particle Size Analyzer - Spraytec
Particle Size Analyzer - Zetasizer Nano
Particle Characterization (Size & Shape) - Morphologi 4
Particle Size Analyzer - Mastersizer
Viscometry & Rheometry - Kinexus 

Kjeldahl solutions Distillation K 355
Extraction solutions Extraction E 826
Chromatography & Mass Spectrometry
Encapsulator Solutions B-390 and B-395​
Evaporator Solutions 
NIR Proximate for food & feed industry
NIR solutions NIR Flex 500

Amino Acid Analyzer AA30

Rudolph Research Analytical
Refratometer J357
Polarimeter Pol V
Density DDM 2911

Spectro Analytical Instruments
Benchtop XRF spectrometer for elemental analyzer - Spectro Midex
Benchtop X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometers - Spectro Scout

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Water bath Aqualine

Rotary R 215

Agilent Technologies
Agilent Consumable

Find out more about our products

Sepacore Line C600

Chiller Variocool

Pyroprobe 5250 Autosampler

Universal Centrigugues
Highspeed 235

Our expertise

  • Learn how particle size and flow can optimize your metal injection process

    Metal Injection Molding (MIM) has grown rapidly in recent years. The estimated global annual growth rates are exceeding 11.9% from 2019 to 2025!

Our services at a glanceWe offer tailored services that create new opportunities for clients and customers including:

Consult with us about expanding your technology business in Asia
When our consultants and market researchers at DKSH Technology advise a business partner on new markets to enter and how to do so, we leverage our local expertise and market knowledge to ensure success. We devise market entry strategies as well as sustainable, long term strategies for existing businesses based on customer requirements.
  • Market analysis
  • Market entry strategy
  • Business strategy
We make your brand well-known in our markets
Using a state-of-the-art customer relationship management system, we ensure better penetration of existing products and services as well as successful new product launches. Our structured and systematic market development ensures that we build brands and increase market share in Asia today and in the long term. 
  • Systematic market penetration
  • Target selected market segments
  • Channel management
  • Event management (e.g. exhibitions, seminars)
  • Media management 
  • Public relations
  • Financing and rental solutions
We take care of the whole supply chain
Products are transported, stored and distributed efficiently and professionally thanks our extensive capacities and expertise.  In addition, we offer many integrated supply chain related services.
  • Import management
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics
  • Distribution 
  • Warehousing
  • Product registration
We offer the most competitive customized solutions
Our application engineers ensure that during presales and on-site process optimization, customized solutions are being designed and implemented for our customers. From initial drawings to the final products, we focus on providing the most competitive solutions. Our application engineers are supported with more than 25 showrooms and laboratories for demonstrations and trials.
  • Time and feasibility studies
  • Sampling
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Start-up support
  • Application training and support
  • Process optimization
We are at your service throughout the entire lifespan of your products
With the technical knowledge of our field service engineers, hotlines for quick responses, fast diagnoses and optimized spare parts availability, we offer best-in-class after sales services and provide quick and reliable support for our customers.
  • Installation, calibration, configuration and commissioning
  • Warranty services
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Repairs and maintenance service programs
  • Spare parts and consumables
  • Training and application support
  • Service on-demand
  • Performance checks
  • Remote tracking
  • Technology updates
  • Recycling