Bio Pharma and Life Science

Many manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical and life science industries such as new ingredients selection, formulation preparations, material packaging and shelf storage involve a complex flow of materials. Producing effective and high-quality products with reasonable investment in these industries requires reliable, comprehensive and validated lab equipment. Having the right equipment in compliance with the regulatory standards is essential.  

Formulation process typically covers pre-formulation, product development, bio-availability, bio-equivalence studies, clinical trials, efficacy studies, quality control and sample production. This is the general process of drug manufacturing and each consists of a series of unit operations intending to modulate certain properties of the material being processed.

Analytical solutions for laboratory processes A complete platform for product validation services supported by analytical capabilities and expert knowledge

The pharmaceutical industry plays an important role in healthcare and consists of many public and private organizations that discover, research, develop and manufacture commercial medicine for humans and animals.  We provide innovative solutions to help you stay competitive by accelerating your development process of innovative products with enhanced therapeutic activities and reduced possible side-effects.

Bio-pharma and life science

Occurring early in the value chain, product innovation is one of the most important aspects in the pharmaceutical and life science industries. Innovation can arise from new active ingredients, new combinations of actives with synergetic effects, formulation technologies, product delivery and even new claims.

At DKSH, we are experienced in providing total laboratory solutions for product research and development. Our solutions are innovatively designed and widely versatile to:

  • Improve the quality of pre-clinical and clinical trials of pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceutical products
  • Enable researchers to have a better understanding of the inner workings on the modular level for drug, therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, bio-pharmaceutical products
  • Enhance the development of new active ingredients from natural resources
  • Build up confidence in theoretical and practical analysis of new cosmetic product formulations
  • Refine the development of functionalized nanomaterials including nanomedicines, nanotreatments and nanotherapetucis.

For an effective delivery of active pharmaceutical and therapeutic ingredients, we provide total laboratory solutions to study the formulation development, including:

  • Enhancing the formulations of liquids, semi-solids and solids and sprays
  • Assisting in the development of new drug delivery systems including drug incorporation in microparticles, microcapsules, nanoparticles and nano-capsules
  • Improving on the formulation optimization, improving stability, flavor and odor, drug delivery, drug absorption, etc.

At DKSH, our solutions benefit our customers in studying the formulation development, theology, shear properties and viscosity on different textures, products such as emulsion, ointments, lotions, oils, gels, gel creams and scrubs with pre-existing formulas can be improved. Products’ stability profile, skin feel and tolerance can be optimized and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

We offer and deliver solutions to optimize your production efficiency, ensure Good Manufacturing Practice compliance and maintain consistent product quality.  Choose from our wide array of solutions from offline testing, online quality control to on-site analysis to help you fulfill the most stringent quality standards and industry requirements.


Equipped with unrivalled industrial expertise and experience, we know how to optimize your manufacturing processes and maximize your return on investment by reducing operating costs, improving productivity and minimizing production downtime via risk mitigation and preventive analysis.

Our water solutions and technology focuses on engineering design, project management and execution of construction projects for wastewater applications. We provide the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with the most comprehensive water systems that meet the standards through compliance. 

Your purified water is much more than a waste product. It is also a recyclable resource. Water scarcity and conservation of water resources influence your production and effluent treatment costs. We use the latest technologies available to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs, without compromising on process security and product quality. All aspects of our product development, project management and service offerings are high quality.

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