Food and Beverage

In today’s fast-paced environment, you need a partner to ensure your food quality and safety so you can focus on your core competences. Our scientific instruments ensure that you meet food safety quality, authenticity and adulteration requirements in your laboratories and manufacturing.

Our comprehensive range of instrumentation products and our highly skilled application and service support teams can assist you and your business in a wide range of applications.

Food and beverage analysis The analysis of food and food production processes essential for quality management

Component analysis includes moisture, fat, protein and specific elements (metals, nitrogen, etc). For optimizing production and reducing production downtime, we provide instruments and solutions along the entire production process; from inspection of incoming materials to quality assurance and quality control of finished products. 

Food and Beverage

Chemical substances play an important role in food production and distribution. As food additives, they prolong the shelf life of foods and, as colors and flavors, they may make foods more attractive. Other chemicals like veterinary medicines and pesticides are used to fight diseases in farm animals and on crops.

The clear benefits of the use of chemicals in food production and distribution have to be balanced with potential risks for the health of the consumer due to side effects and residues of these chemicals.

Moreover, a number of chemical substances like mycotoxins, metals (cadmium, lead, mercury, inorganic tin, arsenic), dioxins, PCBs, melamine, nitrates are present in the environment as pollutants. These contaminants are unintentionally present in raw materials used in food production and distribution and can often not be avoided.

We provide a wide range of instruments and consumables to help companies in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, animal feed production and biotechnology industries to perform product analysis, quality control and product labeling in accordance with local and overseas regulatory requirements.  

Physical characterization of formulations is essential to product development, no matter if it is with solids, liquids, emulsions or gels. A number of characteristics such as particle shape and size, dispersion stability and surface tension are directly related to the final taste, texture and shelf life of foods and beverages.  


With DKSH’s wide range of physical characterization instruments, we can help you find the right solution for your formulation research and product needs.

Biological hazards include bacteria, viruses, parasites, prions, biotoxins. Some of these hazards have posed serious risks to public health, such as Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, biotoxins. Exposure of consumers to those through food should thus be prevented. Different steps in microbiology testing in food laboratories includes sample preparation, inoculation, culture preparation, incubation, pathogen detection. Getting fast results and sample increase requires new approach to maximize efficiency.

DKSH offers complete solutions to help optimize your laboratory from sample to decision to operate faster with greater efficiencies and accuracy.

  • Ensure consistency of incoming ingredients
  • Support texture understanding and control
  • Accelerate innovation and product development
  • Predict shelf life
  • Streamline quality control
  • Reduce process downtime
  • Optimize milling and granulation operations
  • Improve manufacturing processes
  • Increase productivity and yields
  • Process water and reclaim, reuse effluent and sludge treatment as part of a comprehensive water treatment solutions
  • Perform product analysis, quality control and product labeling in accordance with local and overseas food safety regulatory

Food safety challenges and testing trends in Asia

Novel technologies add flavor to food safety and quality testing

Asia Pacific is known for its exotic variation of food. From the exquisite spices of Indian cuisine to the mellow flavors of oriental dishes, food plays a very prominent role in the life and culture of Asian people. Yet the same question remains, how can we improve food safety without compromising the taste?

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Food examination in laboratory

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