Free Webinar: Intro of the basic principles of 3D printing Listen with ReadSpeaker Webinar

Free Webinar: Intro of the basic principles of 3D printing!

3D printing has proved to be one of the fastest-growing technologies in the last few years and creates unlimited possibilities. In this webinar, you will gain foundation you need to know about 3D printing and start speaking like a 3D printing professional!

Webinar information

Webinar length: 40 minutes

Language: English


What you will learn

  • Basic comparision between 3D printing with traditional manufacturing
  • The pros adn cons between both manufacturing methodologies
  • The keywords and jargons professionals use in the 3d printing worlds
  • The 7 types of 3D printing you need to know when considering setting up your in-house printing solution

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Mujahed Haj Abdullah started his journey in 3D printing since 2015.  He has accumulated many knowledges and experiences which makes him an expert in the 3D printing solutions fields. He enjoyed delivering realistic value propositions to his customers by helping them to improve their production efficiency. He is keen to connect with innovative companies that are aspire to utilize 3D printing!