Our 3D printing support - COVID 19 containment efforts Listen with ReadSpeaker News

These are difficult and unprecedented days for all of us. To support our communities and respond to the challenges of this global pandemic, DKSH is mobilizing our 3D printing teams and technology to coordinate efforts to design, validate, and produce essential parts to help our medical responders and hospitals.

These include face masks, face shields, CPAP components, and other personal accessories. More applications such as nasal swabs and ventilator components are in development phase.

DKSH can print in various materials, quantities, leveraging 3D Printer from leading brands including HP BigRep, ULTIMAKER, formlabs per your request.

Avid 3D Printable Face Shield

Optimized by Avid Product Development for 3D Printing with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

Emergency ventilator mask

Developed by Isinnova of Italy. Transformed from snorkeling mask

CIIRC RP95-3D (Half-Mask)

Developed by CTU in Czech Republic

3D printed emergency respiration device

Design created by Leitat senior engineer Mr. Magí Galindo, and medically validated by Dr. Lluís Blanch, Director of Innovation at the Hospital Parc Taulí in Sabadell