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DKSH is the leading partner for fast moving consumer goods companies in Australia. We help stand out products and brands secure a place in the supermarket, as well as other major channels including foodservice, convenience, online and more. We specialise in building relationships between retailers, brand owners and manufacturers, and pride ourselves on being agile and flexible, which means we can create a bespoke offer to suit each of our partner’s requirements. Our partners face challenges and opportunities that are as unique as their products themselves!

We offer a full service model with end to end support in relationship management, marketing, logistics, warehousing, and financial management.

What DKSH can do for you Securing your brand on the supermarket shelf

Whether you are new to Australia or have an established presence in the region, our expertise helps to open up and create sales growth opportunities for you.  We understand that your business and needs are unique. This is why we develop customised and integrated solutions for your business success, providing an end- to- end service which starts with opportunity analysis and market entry strategies right through to the warehousing and logistics.

We have an excellent track record in building the sales and distribution of brands while providing operational and supply chain benefits too. Our experience and networks ensures optimum efficiency and helps us achieve attractive trade terms. We use our distribution network, knowledge of the market and long-term relationships with customers to ensure speed-to-market and increase visibility and availability of your products. We keep you relevant in this competitive market.

Key categories served by DKSH

We work with extraordinary brands and manufacturers across a range of on grocery categories and on trend sub- categories and segments to make their products thrive in the Australian marketplace. Examples include:

  • Baby food
  • Bakery
  • Beverages
  • Condiments
  • Frozen 
  • Juice
  • Health    
  • Snack foods
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Vegetarian
  • Soup

Our services at a glance

DKSH is your one-stop-shop for FMCG companies looking to grow their business in Australia.  Under our full-agency business model, we take charge of the whole value chain. You can also work with us on selected services.

  • We perform a feasibility study including positioning, market strategy and channel selection
  • Product, trademark and packaging compliance
  • Trade engagement
  • “Go to market” road map including marketing and promotional plans
  • Initial pipefill orders and continual monitoring of forecast model
  • Customer new line forms
  • Official trade and consumer launch
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Optimise the allocation of resources including outsourcing less critical or efficient activities in the supply chain process
  • Key account management
  • Brand management
  • Purchasing and warehousing
  • Stock, debt collection and claims management
  • Growth strategies
  • Brand positioning (including creative platforms and packaging designs)
  • New product development and portfolio planning
  • We offer friendly and helpful customer service, including product complaints and technical support.

Why partner with DKSH Our partners tell us they choose to work with us for a number of reasons

  • Nandos

    We love working with extraordinary product and brands

  • Oatly

    We understand that your business and needs are as unique as your products themselves

  • Fever-Tree

    We give international, new and emerging products unparalleled cut through in an increasingly competitive market

  • We manage your trading relationship; from key account management through to field sales, merchandising and in-store execution

  • We help you navigate the logistics challenge that is Australia, and provide a supply chain and finance service of military precision

  • Little Bellies

    We provide highly strategic brand re-positioning processes and develop relevant portfolio plans

  • Frys

    We’re experts at managing brands through the process of responding to the increasing needs of emerging growth categories and retailer opportunities

Success stories

  • Zespri Success Story

    Growing Zespri’s success through unique field marketing activities

    By employing unique field marketing activities, DKSH achieved sustainable sales growth with excellent in-store presence for Zespri® Kiwifruit.

  • Oral care for all in Myanmar

    Oral care for all in Myanmar

    Award-winning achievement by DKSH helps an oral care company to expand reach of its products throughout Myanmar.

  • Supermarkt employee Malaysia, OldTown coffee

    Growing OldTown White Coffee’s performance through modern field marketing

    DKSH, through the joint venture DKSH Smollan Field Marketing (DSFM), provided OldTown White Coffee Malaysia with unique store insights and field marketing activities to turn shoppers into coffee buyers.

  • DKSH Beiersdorf Hansaplast presentation

    Continuous success for Beiersdorf in Myanmar

    DKSH and Beiersdorf have established a relationship that goes from strength to strength in Asia’s last frontier market, Myanmar.

  • Eukanuba

    DKSH puts Eukanuba in the center stage of the dog community to boost brand and sales

    Eukanuba, DKSH Taiwan and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) share a successful track record in Taiwan in enhancing dog’s health and nutrition.

As the global leader in the premium chocolate business, we rely on partners with a fundamental understanding of local markets, trade and consumers. In DKSH, we have found a like-minded partner and enjoyed a significant record of achievements for more than 50 years.

Ernst Tanner, Chairman and CEO of Lindt & Sprüngli AG

Key facts about DKSH in Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Our business explained in a few facts.

20,300 consumer goods specialists

700 consumer goods clients

Consumer goods experts in 22 markets

CHF 4.1 billion net sales in 2019