DKSH Healthcare Australia Connecting the right patient to the right intervention that leads to the right outcome

About DKSH Healthcare Australia

DKSH Healthcare Australia is a proven player in collaborating in innovative partnerships between pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device and diagnostic companies, public authorities and healthcare providers in Asia Pacific. We help patients in Asia Pacific get reliable and efficient access to the best healthcare possible by providing our partners with a full range of commercial outsourcing and market expansion services.

In combination with a range of value-added services of unique scope and depth, DKSH Healthcare continues to innovate and refine our processes to connect the right patient to the right intervention that leads to the right outcome.

DKSH Healthcare employs the largest dedicated healthcare sales force and nurse educators in Asia Pacific with 7,290 specialists driving your multichannel sales across hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. We conduct medical education activities, from product launches to reinvigorating demand for mature products, all tailored to your product lifecycle needs. We are your commercial outsourcing and market expansion services partner with agility to scale teams according to demand (high need, vacancy management or seasonal campaigns).

DKSH Healthcare’s innovative patient solution services span the entire patient journey driving and assessing gaps in patient access, affordability and adherence programs. This is orchestrated by a digital patient solutions relationship and benefit platform i.e. PSPhere to automate services which allows for seamless patient and HCP experiences, fast-tracking patient’s time to the next intervention, while ensuring that processes and compliance governance are met.

Whilst our name has changed, we are now a part of a bigger team consisting of highly experienced and versatile professionals spanning across Asia Pacific making us your one-stop partner - we help you reach success in Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

For further information or a demo of our services, please contact Business Development on +61 2 9959 5533 or email